Improving housing for the elderly and people with disabilities

In France, 80% of people aged 65 and over and 85% of people with disabilities live at home. Although the vast majority of them remain attached to their individual housing, it is often unsuitable for their needs. In fact, French housing was built on average more than 40 years ago and does not always meet affordability standards. Financing works on the adaptation of their homes is not always possible for this vulnerable population, and the amount of financial assistance available is sometimes insufficient to cover the entire cost of the works. Finally, isolation is a major problem for these populations. They often need support to live at home, especially with daily tasks and social activities.

Help to improve housing for the elderly or people with disabilities therefore requires a significant transformation of the existing environment and the expansion of the offer of inclusive housing. Public bodies have tackled this topic through several measures: establishing a tax relief for adapting housing for people with disabilities, creating a fund to help adapt housing to aging or even support for inclusive housing in ordinary housing as well as in residential housing with social and communal living. With recognized expertise, the Banque des Territoires is historically committed to supporting and promoting the accommodation and reception of vulnerable populations (elderly and disabled) in adapted structures, such as EHPAD, independent residences or other alternatives. .

Do you want to build facilities for housing, accommodation and/or reception for the elderly or people with disabilities? Carry out remedial works? Modernize EHPADs, independent residences and collective accommodation to meet the needs of the sector and your customers? Implement innovative services to encourage people to stay at home? Discover our range of customized offers.

Take advantage of numerous financing solutions, depending on your needs. We may invest in companies that own real estate (SEM, SEMOP) for construction and renovation projects or take equity interests in companies or joint ventures for digital health projects and/or services, related digital services. aging services and social impact related care. You can also rely on a complete and customized loan offer, which will enable you to finance all or part of your construction or rehabilitation project, with a term and a favorable rate.

Discover our support options in territorial engineering, to support the development of your housing and service projects for the elderly and people with disabilities. Our expertise and knowledge of the issues in the sector enable us to advise you as best as possible during your deliberations. Therefore, we support the intervention of qualified territorial experts who will help you make the right decisions in order to realize your projects and increase your ability to have a lasting impact on the territory.

Respond to the calls for projects (AAP) “Third site of experimentation” and “Engineering for vocational training” as well as the call for expressions of interest (AMI) “Skills and professions of the future” as part of the France 2030 plan. We help local authorities and companies to innovate in digital health and skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

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