It doesn't cost much to make your decor chic

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to invest thousands of euros to make your interior chic. Using our small decorating tips, certain details can make a big difference. See instead.

Bohemian, contemporary, industrial, art deco, it's fun to play with different styles and mix atmospheres to get a sophisticated room. Want to add a touch of chic to your interior without breaking the bank? Everything is possible and requires attention to detail. Elegant colors, designer lighting, quality furniture, work on the atmosphere of each room with taste, attention to details and personality allows you to gain refinement. To make your home more classy, ​​here are the parameters to consider. Seduction operation!

Tip #1: Pay attention to details

There is no point in investing in luxurious decoration and expensive furniture if your interior is neglected.

  • Regular dusting,
  • Iron your own bed sheets,
  • Consider redraw your images if they start to look faded,
  • Choose the right size of curtains,
  • Replace furniture that is too worn or repair it when possible.

Take care of the freshness of your space by regularly airing the rooms, washing them bed sheet often and gently scent your home. Thanks to small details, we get a refined result.

Tip #2: Think about the lighting

Essential for creating atmosphere, lighting immediately immerses your guests in the atmosphere you want for your interior.

  • For bright, direct light, consider imposing light fixtures, such as a chandelier or large floor lamp.
  • If you prefer a subdued atmosphere, opt for a small accent lamp, a string of lights or even candles.

Do not hesitate to opt for mixed lighting if you want to highlight a corner of a certain room. In short, make smart decisions to add character to your home.

Tip #3: Add personality

A space that looks like a catalog loses its charm, and thus its elegance. If you want to stand out, leave your stamp on the space by bringing it to life. Travel souvenirs, items found at flea markets, DIY decorations, assert your uniqueness! To complete the look of your interior, consider decorating the walls with beautiful pictures, original posters or beautiful XXL mirrors. A designer piece, a piece of art, a one-of-a-kind item, don't hesitate to look for a little nugget that will hit the mark in designer furniture markers. Finally, don't forget the green plants, books and vinyl records. Nothing like that to beautify the space and gain elegance!

​​​​Tip #4: take care of the sofa and armchairs

If you do not have the opportunity to invest a lot of money in each element of your decoration, give preference to strong pieces. Mandatory? A sofa that impresses! It is best to install a model with three seats, comfortable and durable. For even more chic, don't hesitate to multiply the seats by arranging a few sofas in the living room, but also by focusing on beautiful armchairs. Upholstered Louis XV chair, velvet padded chaise longue, leather club armchair, choose a design.

couch for the living room
© Maison Sarah Lavoine

Tip #5: Choose neutral colors

Nothing is more chic than a delicately decorated room. White, cream, beige, gray, arrange your spaces in this color palette to take advantage of elegance, finesse and delicacy. Black is also a safe bet, but should be used sparingly so as not to darken your space. Obviously, color is allowed (and even recommended), but in order not to make a mistake, use it in small touches, to gain depth, while remaining in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Finally, dare to wear gold and silver, which are undoubtedly associated with luxury and uniqueness. But be careful, avoid overdosing, otherwise you risk ending up with bling-bling decor in bad taste. Less is more…

Tip #6: Focus on quality over quantity

If we might think that chica art is synonymous with ostentatiousness, it is exactly the opposite. Composure, subtlety and harmony are really the key words in this exercise. Therefore, bet on relatively clean rooms, with few objects, but carefully selected pieces. If the rococo style, which gives luxury and accumulation in the first place, is often associated with the idea of ​​chic, this very assertive style is not so easy to understand. To avoid a mistake, opt for a simple decor, but full of character.

© Elodie Rothan

Advice no. 7: focus on roundness

To bring softness to your home, whether you live in a house or an apartment, consider contrasting the lines of your rooms with rounded elements. Arches between two rooms, wall moldings, round door handles, stone or marble columns, spiral staircases… There are many ways to soften and sophisticated a room.

© Elodie Rothan

Advice no. 8: give preference to precious materials

It is impossible to imagine refined decor without mentioning the quality of materials. If solid wood, marble or stone remain safe, don't hesitate to look at porcelain, glass or even bricks. For household linen (bed linen, blankets, carpets, curtains), opt for velvet, wool or linen to add character to your decor. Our little tip? Top quality kitchen, bathroom and toilet, made of quality materials, with a nice sprayer, stylish taps and modern furniture.

© Elodie Rothan

Advice no. 9: dare to mix styles

Luxury does not necessarily mean serious. On the contrary, your interior design must remain recreational and fun. Also, don't settle for just one style: dare to mix genres! Baroque and modern, Scandinavian and industrial, cottage and retro, arty and boudoir, bohemian and minimalist, in short, have fun!

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