"It was panic", "We saw him leave in handcuffs"... Fear at a university near Toulouse where a teenager threatens other students with a knife

“It was panic”, “We saw him leave in handcuffs”… Fear at a university near Toulouse where a teenager threatens other students with a knife

Near Toulouse, at the Montesquieu college, a violent altercation broke out between several teenagers. One of them grabbed a knife from the refectory and threatened the other students. The police immediately intervened. No casualties have been reported.

A shock, near Toulouse, at the Montesquieu College. During the lunch hour, a group of teenagers got into a violent argument in the dining hall after lunch. The tension ratcheted up a notch and one of them wanted to fight. The schoolboy returned to the cafeteria to get a knife and threatened the other minors.

According to our information, the young man then brandished the sharp object in front of the students and teaching staff. The latter had no choice but to alert the gendarmerie, who had to intervene immediately in this busy college on the outskirts of Toulouse.

“We would have thought it was an attack”

The teenager was arrested by the police. The intervention took place a few minutes after the warning. “We saw him leave in handcuffs. His parents were informed. They came immediately and were offended when they saw him with handcuffs on his wrist,” said one of the witnesses at the scene.

“It was panic, we would have thought it was an attack, especially since we no longer had any information from the management of the Montesquieu College,” adds a parent of a student who is still in shock.

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According to our information, the schoolboy who went to the dining hall to get the knife was still in police custody. The police are busy sketching the contours of this violent affair, which could have ended in tragedy. Witnesses are expected to be interviewed in the coming hours to learn more about this altercation.

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