Job'chef competition in Montauban: looking for future chefs from Tarn-et-Garonne

The Job’chef competition, launched by the region and France Travail, stops in Montauban. One goal: to train and recruit kitchen assistants for the department’s restaurants.

There will be between 10 and 20 registrations in Montauban, 166 in the region. Professional integration as a kitchen assistant is what the participants in the Job’chef project strive for. Throughout Occitania, France Travail, accompanied by the Maison de Région and the Union des Métiers et des Industries de l’Hôtellerie (UMIH), offers a program to become a member of a kitchen in less than two months.

Since March 18, job seekers have been cooking various dishes with ingredients from the Metro brand, on which they are assessed. Ultimately, about ten of them will be selected for the event on Tuesday, April 2, at the CFA Trade School in Montauban. Event where successful candidates must take new tests.

The jury present will deliberate on the different proposals and decide on three winners, who will benefit from numerous prizes offered by the organizers, such as a free meal and a basket of regional products.

Helping a sector in tension

Three candidates will therefore be declared winners of the competition, but the objective of highlighting the professions of chefs remains the first. “All those involved in employment and training are mobilizing to serve those in the economic sector with the sole aim of achieving full employment in a sector under pressure,” explains Murielle Henry, regional representative of the hotel and catering sector, out.

That is why the ten candidates who will be present on Tuesday, April 2, will be offered a month and a half of training in the profession of commis chef by the region. An internship in two phases, with a first month of cooking lessons, before you do a two-week internship at a company. After this accelerated training, qualified trainees are promised a job in a restaurant for four months, in the hope of making this profession stable for these job seekers.

The beginning of a long campaign

Seasonal positions, so that you can professionalize and strive for a future full-time job. This help is well received, because there are staff shortages in certain restaurants.

The region has announced more than 780 places for training in the basics of cooking to make up for the slowdown in the sector. 200 of these places are directly funded by the regional organization. This first Job’chef initiative will make it possible to fill a dozen vacancies in the department’s restaurants from May onwards.

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