Ledat.  A very active daily life at the municipal school

Ledat. A very active daily life at the municipal school

A day in the life of our schoolchildren was dedicated to Carnival, which was very festive despite the persistent rain… The children (and even the teachers, yes!) played board games and then the long-awaited boom was organized. snack offered by the school cooperative. The very well disguised schoolchildren (congratulations to the mothers for the very original costumes) could not parade in the village because the weather did not cooperate… The inhabitants were thus deprived of this traditionally expected spectacle; what a pity ! But there is no way we can rely on this resounding success despite the elements; Other projects will also soon see the light of day: an information meeting is planned for Tuesday, April 2 (5:30 p.m.) about the school trip that will take place from Wednesday, June 19 to Friday, June 21 in Saint-Georges de Didonne, in Charente-Maritime. “Then,” explains director Lise Moreau, “there will be parent workshops on intimidation, with small skits with clear messages played by the children. This will be in the village hall, with thematic projection. and an aperitif will be served for everyone.” this week the children went to the Casseneuil media library, a regular meeting that schoolchildren really appreciate because the choice of books is important for a reader! In addition, they had the pleasure of ‘inaugurating’ an orange bus, which was recently put into service, ‘it was very comfortable and worked very well!’ No, no children: there is a bus! Hello Hello hello!

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