Level groups, annual repetition, mandatory diploma... New measures for schools |  TF1 INFO

Level groups, annual repetition, mandatory diploma… New measures for schools | TF1 INFO

Several decrees published this Sunday in the “Official Journal” describe future developments at the school.
Level groups, year repeat, mandatory certificate for secondary school… Overview of the measures for next school year.

The 2024 school year will be revealed a bit more. The texts were published this Sunday at Official newspaper describe the measures announced by the government in recent months, and in particular the “clash of knowledge” dear to Gabriel Attal, from the time when the Prime Minister was responsible for national education. THE “level groups” get out of there fine.

The main subjects are taught in small groups

From September, students in the 6th and 5th grades will be classified according to: “groups” in Math and French, a new position that will take place in 2025 for the 4th and 3rd grade classes. The wording in the Official newspaper however, does not use the term “level group”while Minister of Education Nicole Belloubet, unlike Gabriel Attal, did not mention this term either. “The groups are formed based on the needs of the students identified by the teachers” And “The groups of students who are having the most difficulty benefit from reduced numbers”the decree indicates.

These lessons “in Group” for French and mathematics “all schedule” dedicated to these topics. But, “in deviation and to guarantee the consistency of the educational progress of the different groups”students can be “grouped together according to their reference class for these lessons” over one or more periods ranging from “one to ten weeks” in total for the year. The composition of the groups will be “renewed during the school year, especially during regroupings, to take into account the progress and needs of the students”.

Repetition made easier

Texts about other measures of “clash of knowledge” were also published in Official newspaper, including a decree on grade repetition. He points to the change in rules announced by Gabriel Attal in December: it is teachers (and not families as before) who now have the final say.

In primary education (preschool and primary schools) “A repeat year can be decided by the teacher council” (and no more “to suggest”) and the parents “have a period of fifteen days to appeal” (but I don’t have fifteen days left “Give Them Answer”as was previously the case). In middle and high school, repeating a year, just like before, can “is decided by the head of the establishment”in response to A “dialogue phase” with the student and his parents, and “after the class council has decided”. It is no longer stated that this decision has been made “extraordinary”.

The essential certificate to enter high school

This decree also indicates that students can participate “on success courses organized during the school holidays for a maximum of three weeks per year”. These are internships for students who are struggling and are provided by volunteer teachers at schools.

Finally, the lyrics evoke the news “preparation class for the second grade”, for students who have not yet obtained their certificate at the end of the third year (obtaining this is now conditional for passage to the second year). In the next school year “one or more secondary schools in each department” will be “identified by the rector of the academy to execute” one of these classes, as part of a “pilot phase”indicates a decree.

  • A decree specifies that this class “aims to consolidate the achievements of the deep cycle”And “to confirm the orientation of students and prepare them for the continuation of their education in a second grade under school status”.

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