“Level groups” at university already relaxed, unions welcome “a setback” |  TF1 INFO

“Level groups” at university already relaxed, unions welcome “a setback” | TF1 INFO

The Minister of National Education on Thursday relaxed the principle of ‘level groups’, which will be introduced at colleges at the start of the school year.
In French and mathematics, all students will be brought together several times “as a whole class” “to reconsider the composition of the groups”, announced Nicole Belloubet.
Autonomy is left to the institutions.

Will ‘level groups’ in secondary school really see the light of day? In any case, not under the conditions that the government initially set. In an interview given on Thursday to WorldMinister of Education Nicole Belloubet has announced “flexibility” in this novelty expected at colleges in September. If “groups” will be well created “the entire school year” in French and Mathematics, in “taking into account” THE “level” and the “difficulties” of students, college directors will have a certain number “flexibility” to carry them out, she said.

In the facts, “It will be up to the head of the establishment to see at which times of the year it is necessary to bring the students together as a whole class, to reconsider the composition of the groups”explained the former Minister of Justice, who confirms this “belief in the autonomy of institutions” And “trust the education teams”.

“A setback,” the unions cheer

These groups will therefore not be valid for the entire school year and will even change names. It will be approx “need groups, based on skills to be acquired”, Nicole Belloubet said Thursday afternoon during a trip to a Parisian high school. The students go to work “in whole classes for certain series”In “certain times of the year”.

By reintroducing the idea of “moments for the whole class”and by not using the term “level groups”the Minister of National Education does not fully repeat the words of Gabriel Attal, who in recent months had announced the creation of level groups at the beginning of the 2024 school year in 6ᵉ and 5ᵉ, and in September 2025 in 4ᵉ and 3ᵉ , one of the flagship measures of the ‘shock of knowledge’.

Much to the dismay of the unions, who welcome the development. “We confirm the fact that level groups will no longer appear in the texts”rejoiced Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the first union of secondary and high schools. “So it’s a step backwards.” “It’s a change of gear that should be welcomed”added Bruno Bobkiewicz, general secretary of SNPDEN-Unsa, the first union of heads of institutions. “The teams will be able to think locally.”

These announcements come as mobilizations against level groups have taken place in recent weeks, especially in Seine-Saint-Denis. More than 3,000 people marched in Paris this Thursday to demand an emergency plan for schools in this department and the abandonment of level groups.

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