“Liberate everything, for everyone, always: it is unsustainable”: Bruno Le Maire wants to attack the “welfare state” to save money

“Liberate everything, for everyone, always: it is unsustainable”: Bruno Le Maire wants to attack the “welfare state” to save money

Bruno The mayor spoke extensively about government expenditure in an interview with “Journal du Dimanche”. A few days after the publication of the Court of Audit’s annual report, he denounced an “unsustainable” model.

“This system is out of control.” Bruno Le Maire was not very optimistic in a given interview Sunday newspaper. After the various announcements of cutbacks, the Minister of Economic Affairs is calling for an end to the ‘welfare state’. To replace it with “the protective state”.

“The welfare state ultimately became a machine for piling on new government spending, without examining its relevance or effectiveness, or questioning previous spending,” he said. These statements come a few weeks after the announcement of the cancellation of 10 billion euros in credits for 2024. And the wish, a few days later, of Thomas Cazenave, Minister of Public Accounts, to save an additional 20 billion euros for 2025.

“There is always someone who pays for free”

Another context element: the Court of Audit’s annual report published this week seems to warn of a complicated situation for public finances. The institution estimates that around 50 billion in savings will be needed between 2025 and 2027 to meet the target of reducing the government deficit to 3%, as expected by the end of the five-year term. “We must regain control of this system that has become uncontrollable,” Bruno Le Maire wrote before denouncing: “What is the ultimate goal anyway? To release everything, for everyone, always: it is unsustainable.” Because according to the minister there is ‘always someone who pays for free’.

Without providing a plan or real solutions, Bruno Le Maire reiterated that we had to get out of the mirage of universal free access “once and for all”. However, the Bercy tenant put the idea of ​​further tightening the conditions of unemployment insurance on the table again, “we still have one of the most generous compensation periods in Europe. This generosity comes at a high price: an unemployment rate that remains above that of our main economic partners,” he noted.

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