Luzech.  The prefect with the college's defense class

Luzech. The prefect with the college’s defense class

The Defense class of the Impernal de Luzech College was visited by the Prefect of Lot, Claire Raulin, on Tuesday, March 12 at 3 p.m. The students in this third-year class called Global Defense and Security are all volunteers and applied in their fourth year, supporting their application with a covering letter.

Since 2018, Luzech College has signed a partnership agreement with the Armed Forces to raise awareness among young people about security, engagement and defense. Last November, for example, they took part in the exercise Novi (Numerous Victims), organized by the State in collaboration with Vinci Autoroutes. These young people are regularly made aware of safety issues and the discovery of the professions they consist of for two hours a week. These high school students therefore have a broader vision of the world, of French action and interactions with other countries. They better understand Europe’s challenges in markets and defense.

It is in this context that Claire Raulin came to inform these young people about her role as prefect, her missions, her skills, her studies, her previous responsibilities, her commitment and her passion for her country and in the service of the state. She spoke about the work of coordinating the various government services, police, fire brigade and other emergency services. She answered students’ questions immediately. They discovered that she wanted to be a teacher at their age and noted that she was an excellent teacher, always smiling but above all a file manager.

The second part of his speech focused on French defense, European defense, sovereignty, what NATO and the Atlantic Alliance are, the war in Ukraine, the free movement of people and goods, building Europe for peace . This Defense course is the perfect example of how to prepare a high school student to be the enlightened adult of tomorrow.

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