MAINTENANCE.  Harassment at school: "Many requests are pouring in..." Lotois Kilian Vaysse will extend his action in Occitania

MAINTENANCE. Harassment at school: “Many requests are pouring in…” Lotois Kilian Vaysse will extend his action in Occitania

Kilian Vaysse, 19 years old and chairman of the Association for the Fight against Discrimination and School Harassment in the Lot (ACDH), has been working in schools for four years. His recognized work and the growing demand prompted him to expand his action throughout Occitania.

Kilian Vaysse, high school student and former victim of bullying at school, is chairman of the association against discrimination and bullying at school in the Lot (ACDH). Association that he founded when he was only 15 years old. After four years of being active in his department, the young man is today recognized as an essential player in the fight against bullying at school. In the Lot, 2,000 students are already benefiting from ACDH awareness.

Last year, the high school student was even received by former Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal and former Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne. In particular, he proposed the idea of ​​training more school nurses and trusted adults. Building on these experiences and a growing demand from victims’ families and schools, Kilian Vaysse now wants to expand his action to the entire region with an ACDH Occitanie, as he explains to The shipment.

Why have you decided to extend your action to the entire Occitania region?

The association has existed for 4 years in the Lot where we have consolidated our action and our interventions. This phase of consolidation in our sector has been completed and given the numerous requests from other departments, we have logically taken the decision to extend our action to most of the Occitania region. There are requests from victims’ families and educational institutions asking us to intervene locally.

Killian Vaysse.

Are there departments in the region that are privileged or will they all have local access to the ACDH?

We are moving forward gradually. For the time being, the second department will be Gard and the third Aveyron. Secondly, Hérault, Aude and Tarn-et-Garonne will join us. The long-term goal is to cover the entire region. With the exception of the Pyrénées-Orientales and Haute-Garonne, which are already supported by numerous associations. We give priority to the departments that submit the most requests from us.

The Lot, Occitanie and then the whole of France?

No, the ACDH remains regional. Firstly, because other associations in other regions are already doing what is necessary. But also because Occitanie is quite big enough. The structuring work in our region will take time and we want to concentrate on our region.

You met Gabriel Attal when he was a pastor, what do you remember about him? Do you plan to continue consultations with the government?

Let’s just say meetings aren’t one of my priorities right now. I prefer action and terrain to endless exchanges. That is why the association currently does not have time to go to Paris. Additionally, I will begin a tour of the region in late March to meet with volunteers and local elected officials.

You are still in high school, how are you going to organize this expansion in addition to your actions in the Lot?

I will pass the baccalaureate this year by taking distance courses and with the association the pace is stable! I currently conduct one intervention per day in a school setting. But the branch managers of each department will have the same rhythm to adhere to. The ‘motherhouse’ will be in Toulouse. The short and medium term aim is to recruit volunteers and build links with National Education at local level. The goal is to achieve the same result as in the Lot.

To contact the ACDH: 06 95 58 31 36 and Facebook page: ACDH: Association against discrimination and harassment in schools.

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