Mandatory internship in secondary school: we explain how the site “1jeune1solution” works |  TF1 INFO

Mandatory internship in secondary school: we explain how the site “1jeune1solution” works | TF1 INFO

While second-year students must complete a mandatory two-week internship at the end of June, companies can offer internships on the ‘1jeune1solution’ platform from this Wednesday at 2 p.m.
We explain how this site works.

“For my part, I meet with the bosses of big companies, professional federations and government officials so that they can offer internships,” launched Gabriel Attal, still Minister of Education, in a TikTok video, after announcing a new observation course in the second grade. In addition to that of the third year, this internship must be carried out from June 17 to 28 in a company, an association or a public service. The 1jeune1solution site, where all proposals are collected, will open for companies this Wednesday at 2 p.m. This is how this platform works.

Strong mobilization of companies

“Any company, association, local government, government administration, hospital, depending on their profession and size, can offer one or more internships in the special ‘1jeune1solution’ space open to them” from 2 p.m. on Wednesday, the ministry said in a press release. In September, Gabriel Attal welcomed the commitment of more than 300 companies and organizations that responded to the launch of this project.

In November, 200,000 offers were available out of 500,000 internships to be filled, the then Minister of Education, Gabriel Attal, and of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, indicated at the launch of the operation. “My second year internship” in Seine-Saint-Denis. “There are 500,000 internships to be filled. So there need to be 500,000 offers. It’s not a matter of having half of those.”Bruno Le Maire urged business leaders.

In concrete terms, the company must publish an internship offer “create an account” and select “Business Management”. She then has to click “Publish an offer”respond to applications directly to their space and finally complete the online agreement sent to the branch.

Students can start looking for their internship from March 25

“Thanks to this platform, students can look for the internship that suits them from March 25”, the Ministry of Education continues. All general and technological high school students, trained in public and private institutions, will be affected by these new compulsory internships at the end of the second year, i.e. 550,000 students.

Once on the site, if possible, simply fill in an occupation, a preferred area, the location and the duration of the internship. The student can then scroll through the offer and click through “to apply”. Depending on the terms of the advertisement, the candidate may be redirected to an email address or to another online page. At the end of the recruitment, a dematerialized agreement must be signed on the platform by the high school with the host structure.

Ministry of Education

Also keep in mind that companies have the option to welcome students in groups. Students can choose to do a two-week internship at the same company or one week at two different companies. The purpose of this second course is “let students discover different facets of the professional world” to better orient yourself afterwards, Gabriel Attal explained at the announcement.

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