Marcel Desailly: "I'm with daddy! Hello!"  DNA test, recognition of paternity... Why the ex-footballer is in turmoil

Marcel Desailly: “I’m with daddy! Hello!” DNA test, recognition of paternity… Why the ex-footballer is in turmoil

The 98 World Champion and 2000 European Champion is in conflict with one of his former partners, who claims to be the mother of one of his children.

At the heart of the conflict, Victoria. A little girl of 9 years old. For more than two years, a battle has been going on between Marcel Desailly (55 years old), former footballer of the French national team (notably world champion 98 and European champion 2000), and Cosma Batista de Alcantara, 40-year-old beautician. The young woman claims that the former defender is the father of Victoria, her child.

In recent months she has initiated legal proceedings for recognition of paternity. Next Tuesday, March 12, according to the newspaper Le Parisien – Today in France, Justice Marcel Desailly ordered to take a DNA test. The goal: whether or not to prove the paternity of the ex-Bleu, who now has a period of 6 months to do so.

The result is then compared with that of a DNA test from Victoria. An investigation to which Marcel Desailly must submit, as the newspaper recalls: a refusal would have led to the immediate recognition of his paternity.

In the case of shared DNA, this result would not be without consequences. Marcel Desailly, as a father, could therefore be forced to respect the payment of alimony, estimated at 5,000 euros per month.

Cosma Batista de Alcantara and Marcel Desailly were a couple between 2009 and 2018. The footballer was then still married to Virginie, mother of 4 of his children, from whom he is now divorced. According to the mother’s testimony, after her birth in 2014, the ex-player gradually lost interest in young Victoria.

He hasn’t seen her since 2021. One of the last traces of Marcel Desailly with the child is a video, viewed by Le Parisien -Today in Franceon which we see the former player, the child in his arms, saying to the camera: “I’m with daddy! Hello!”

These images, like many other documents from Cosma Batista de Alcantara, would prove Desailly’s closeness and complicity with Victoria.

Theory dismissed by the former player’s lawyer, who believes his client is behaving here “as anyone would if he met a friend with his child”.

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