MidJourney: Generate and simulate 3D virtual worlds

MidJourney: Generate and simulate 3D virtual worlds

MidJourney aims to develop artificial intelligence that can bring a 3D virtual world to life. Just as AI is currently able to generate an image based on a prompt, this future AI could take the video game or movie industry a huge step forward.

From generating images to simulating a 3D world

Launched in July 2022, MidJourney is a groundbreaking online image generation tool using artificial intelligence. It is also one of the AIs whose generated views are the most realistic. If MidJourney is used by a large number of individuals, we notice the clear interest of video game professionals in this tool. Recently, the service introduced a feature called Consistent Characters, which lets you save a character created from a prompt to clone it in other locations or dress it in different outfits.

MidJourney now wants to develop a generator of entire 3D worlds. As Nick St. Pierre, CEO of Midjourney, points out, the company is working on developing and improving these three axes: 3D, video and real time. Then it would be possible to combine them to simulate virtual worlds from a simple prompt entered by the user… A prospect that could indeed relaunch the craze around the metaverse, and the interest in technologies related to would revive virtual reality!

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