Mirepoix.  A discovery of professional sectors to encourage vocations

Mirepoix. A discovery of professional sectors to encourage vocations

After visiting the Jacquard vocational high school in Lavelanet, the third-year SEGPA students of the Cité scolaire continued their discovery of vocational training by going to Saint-Girons.

As part of an immersion day, Mirapician students had the opportunity to discover the different courses offered by François-Camel Secondary School and Aristide-Bergès Secondary School.

“We were welcomed by the directors of the two sites and their department directors for professional and technical training,” explains Ludivine Teychenne, professor of professional discoveries in sales, distribution and logistics.

The students were able to communicate with these professionals and with the teachers of the sectors.

The training offer in the two schools is particularly rich. The François-Camel secondary school focuses on cooking and various services, while the Aristide-Bergès secondary school offers training in the construction sector.

“Some of our students who are interested in fields such as carpentry, painting or cooking want to come for a one-day mini-internship to really decide. It is important that students choose their assignment with full knowledge of the facts. Dedication and availability of the teaching teams of the two institutions have enabled our students to understand and plan for the courses on offer in Saint-Girons.

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