Mirepoix: Schoolchildren sow the future by helping to create a forest

Mirepoix: Schoolchildren sow the future by helping to create a forest

Jean-Yves Bousquet and his family are carrying out a project close to their hearts: planting a new forest! A personal project to pay tribute to the farmer who died two years ago, who was passionate about trees. Thus, within the GLMC of Bellevue, in a place called Pardeillan, on a plot of one hectare belonging to them, about a hundred trees were planted last Thursday with the children of the Ribouisse school, in collaboration with the Association of Children and Trees.

The idea of ​​involving children in the project arose in Jean-Yves Bousquet’s mind after one of his granddaughters, living in Toulouse, told him about the experience she had during a tree planting project with the association Des Enfants et des Arbres. The farmer then contacted the association. Since he has a grandson who goes to school in Ribouisse, he decided to involve the students of the Aude school. They were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​participating in this planting day.

The Ariège Chamber of Agriculture provided technical support, in particular for the choice of species: about fifteen fruit trees of different species, hazelnut and almond, a Lebanese cedar, an arbutus tree and numerous forest trees.
If Jean-Yves Bouosquet and his family finance the project themselves, the support of partners has made it possible to reduce costs. The Appamese garden center Clarac therefore granted significant discounts, and friends of Jean-Yves Bousquet put their hands in their pockets.

Decisive players in the ecological transition

Before the children arrived, Jean-Yves Bousquet and his son Brice had thoroughly prepared the land by digging holes and covering them with local miscanthus. The planting day went very well. Twelve students from Ribouisse school were happy to participate in this project.

Proposing an active, supportive and citizen pedagogy that invites the young generation to connect with life, by becoming an actor of change and ecological challenges, that is the mission of the association Des Enfants et Des Arbres. In three years, the association has already planted almost 50,000 trees for approximately 10,000 children, among 180 farmers.
This civic and educational project allowed children to better understand the challenges of the agricultural world, the values ​​of commitment and the importance of respect for living things. They had the opportunity to be decisive actors in the ecological transition, creating authentic bonds with those who feed us.

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