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By Dorothée Pierry / updated January 25, 2024

Several financial supports allow adaptation of accommodation in case of loss of autonomy and mobility related to age or disability. Among the latter, a new device awarded by ANAH will see the light of day in 2024 under the name MaPrimeAdapt'.

This new aid should enable 500,000 homes to be adapted by 2027. Introduced as part of the 2023 Finance Bill, MaPrimeAdapt' is aimed at older people and people with disabilities and is particularly subject to resource conditions. (find out more).

Paid in the form of grants, it can finance 50 to 70% of your home renovation work (see details). For a list of relevant accessibility and development works, see this section.

Do you think you are eligible for this help? Start by calling a France Rénova consultant to define your project and benefit from dedicated support until the bonus is paid (see all stages of the process).

Remark: pending final enactment of the legislation, additional information related to MaPrimeAdapt' could be provided. The article will be updated according to official announcements.

MaPrimeAdapt': help with housing adaptation in case of loss of autonomy

To keep you living at home despite current or future mobility and independence difficulties, different types of development work can be carried out depending on your situation.

The National Housing Agency (Anah) does offer several dedicated schemes (see which ones).

On January 1, 2024, a new financial aid is offered: MaPrimeAdapt'. Open to the elderly and people with disabilities, it is in the form of a subsidy to cover up to 70% of the home renovation work. It replaces another system, the Anah Easy Living program, which will therefore be deleted.

Announced by Jean Castex in 2021 and presented on September 26, 2023 at the Council of Ministers, My Adapt bonus complements other systems such as:

Who can benefit? What are the terms?

As mentioned earlier, Anah's new aid is aimed at people with autonomy and/or mobility difficulties related to age or a disability.

So, to receive MaPrimeAdapt', you must be in one of these 3 situations:

    • Being disabled
    • Be 70 or older
    • Be between 60 and 69 years old and be in a situation of loss of autonomy according to GIR conditions (GIR 1 to 6)

In addition, you must meet all of the following conditions:

    • You must be resident in France (mainland and abroad)
    • You must be the owner of your own home or a tenant in a private park
    • You must have income classified as “modest” or very “modest” resources (see applicable scales and amounts)
    • You must carry out renovation work to your home that qualifies for this help (see below)
    • You must submit your request for help from Anah by attaching several quotes (see all steps of the process)

Finally, please note that landlords can also benefit from maPrimeAdapt if:

    • The accommodation to which the works refer is older than 15 years
    • Income meets the above resource requirements
    • Completed development work qualifies for this grant (see below)

What work is acceptable?

When you request MaPrimeAdapt', independent housing diagnosis will carry out the AMO guide (assistant project management) for free, and the work covered by the assistance will be defined according to your specific needs.

Here are examples of works that can be financed with the MaPrimeAdapt' system:

For the bathroom :

    • Replacement of a bathtub for a shower cabin
    • Installation of a PMR sink or a raised WC
    • Installing a bathtub with a door
    • Installation of handrails or handrails

Other bathroom accessories are available if you are not eligible for Ma Prime Adapt'.

For access to the floor :

For your travels to accommodation :

    • Adaptation of coverings (e.g. installation of anti-fall coverings)
    • Installation of light tracks or intelligent lighting
    • Widening of doors to allow wheelchair access
    • Installation of equipment that allows direct access to the housing

To facilitate the use of everyday devices :

    • Installation of electric blinds
    • Designing a suitable kitchen

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It's good to know : MaPrimeAdapt' can cover part of the costs associated with work performed in anticipation of future loss of autonomy.

MaPrime+Adapt' quantities: here are the scales

MaPrimeAdapt' is designed on the same model as Ma Prime Renov', an aid that enables the performance of energy improvement works.

A grant can therefore provide you with financing between 50 and 70% the cost of work on the adaptation of your home, within the limits of 22,000 euros. It is awarded by Anah (National Housing Agency).

The amount of MaPrimeAdapt varies according to several criteria, including your resource level.

In fact, the calculation is carried out according to:

    • Your tax reference income (RFR) from your last tax notice
    • From your department of residence (Île de France or outside Île de France)
    • Number of persons in the household

Here are the scales and amounts in effect in 2024:

If you live outside Ile-de-France

Number of people Annual funds * Amount of work covered The maximum amount of assistance
1 person Less than 16,229 euros 70% 10,500 euros
Between €16,230 and €20,805 50% 7,500 euros
2 persons Less than 23,734 euros 70% 10,500 euros
Between €23,735 and €30,427 50% 7,500 euros

If you live in Ile-de-France

Number of persons Annual funds * Amount of work covered Maximum aid ceiling
1 person Less than €22,461 70% 22,000 euros
Between €22,462 and €27,343 50% 22,000 euros
2 persons Less than €32,967 70% 22,000 euros
Between €32,968 and €40,130 50% 22,000 euros

* If your household has more members, your annual upper limit of funds increases

MaPrimeAdapt' request: all process steps

In order to benefit from MaPrimeAdapt', you must apply for assistance near Ana.

Here are all the steps of the process:

    • Call a France Rénov' adviser: to get the contact details of an adviser near you, click on this link and enter your postcode
    • Benefit from the support of a Project Management Assistant (AMO) approved or authorized by Anah to carry out a personalized diagnosis and define a financing plan: an AMO will be offered to you when your file is created if you are not already in contact with an AMO authorized for autonomy
    • Submit your grant application online or in paper form, accompanied by an independent work assessment: a dedicated space will be set up online by January 2024.
    • Let a specialist do the work on the adaptation of your home
    • Send, via a dedicated platform or in paper form, an invoice for the work performed

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At the end of all these steps, you will receive your MaPrimeAdapt' subsidy payment.

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