Not replacing teachers: the state condemned the Paris region for the lost hours of students

The state has been condemned for the lost hours of students at the Versailles academy due to the failure to replace teachers, following the request of the students’ parents, the administrative court in Cergy announced this Wednesday, April 10. Pontoise.

Their action was intended “symbolic“. Parents of Versailles Academy students, whose children missed dozens of hours of classes during schooling, won their case, condemning the state for the hours lost due to not replacing the teacher.

“The court recognized the responsibility of the state in eight cases and ordered it to compensate the eight applicants for the damage caused by the loss of their children’s chance to succeed in future years and school courses due to the interruption of pedagogical continuity.”announced this Wednesday, April 10, the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise in a press release.

Lawyer for several families, Me Delphine Krust explains Discharge having received these decisions a week ago. she said to herself “satisfied” that the responsibility of the state is recognized: “The state knows very well that its behavior is wrong. And it cannot even hide behind the standards imposed by international or European law: it itself imposes compulsory education for students. These are legitimate and necessary rules for educating and training the citizens of tomorrow, but he does not respect them. And the situation has been getting worse for many years, even though two thirds of teacher absences are predictable, therefore anticipated.”

“The idea is not to divide national education”

For a lawyer, the decisions are important because they highlight the state’s failings in primary and secondary education. However, Me Delphine Krust has no illusions: if beliefs have merit “Once again we discover that we do not have enough teachers”However, they will not change things overnight because the teacher shortage is so significant.

“From sixth grade to the second quarter of third grade, my daughter had 632 hours less, including 105 hours of French, 86 hours of English, 75 hours of history and geography,” explained Sophie, one of the mothers of the students present, during the hearing on March 19, a representative of the Federation of Councils of Parents (FCPE). Other parents testified about the poor school years of their children, who were currently or previously at school in Villeneuve-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine), Cormeilles-en-Parisis ( Val-d’Oise) or Cergy. In the name of the collective #OnVeutDesProfs, hundreds of requests have been submitted against various rectories in the past two years.

Parents of students who condemned the state in recent days received compensation for their children. Where Me Delphine Krust requested a symbolic compensation of one euro per lost hour of teaching – “The idea is not to divide national education, but to raise awareness of the shortcomings” -, his clients finally received flat fees. He cites the example of a student who lost about 200 hours of classes at the university and was paid compensation in the amount of 150 euros.

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