Olympic Games 2024: the Council of State validates the claim for more than 2,000 student homes

Olympic Games 2024: the Council of State validates the claim for more than 2,000 student homes

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– Displaced students receive support of 100 euros and two free places for the tests.

Hard blow for Parisian students. At the end of August, the Administrative Court of Paris suspended in summary proceedings the decision of the Crous to limit rental agreements for student housing in view of of the Paris 2024 Games by June 30. Based on an email from Crous that was sent to students in May 2023, the Solidaires trade union had started legal proceedings against the claim of 3,000 Crous houses, an organization that mainly manages student housing, to provide personnel (security forces, healthcare providers, first aid ‘ers). , security agents) of the event in the summer of 2024. Appealed by the Crous Paris, the Council of State ruled on Friday December 29 that there was no no place to rule.

In fact, the Supreme Administrative Court considers that the subject of the dispute, namely the email sent to students, is no longer effective since the campaign for admission to the university for the year 2023/2024, which provides for end of leases on June 30 and a decision of the board of directors of Crous Paris of November 6.

Various aids to compensate for the consequences of a change of living space

This guarantees “the extension of the right of occupancy of students occupying accommodation in one of the residences that will be made available to state employees who participate in the organization and have a proper functioning” of the Olympic Games and “she will allow various tools to compensate for the consequences of a change of housing and university residence”emphasizes the Council of State.

This is also a reminder that the Crous is legally justified in offering leases of less than one year to students and can rent these properties for that period. “to the state to accommodate mobilized personnel” on the occasion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

100 euros and two free places

At the request of AFP, the Ministry of Higher Education “takes note of the decision of the Council of State and recalls that, contrary to a sustained disinformation campaign, there has never been any deprivation of housing to a single student during the Games».

Contacted, Solidaires union lawyer Me Marion Ogier could not immediately be reached. More than 2,000 students who benefit from Crous need to be housed. The decision sparked controversy. Students whose Crous accommodation is requested during the Paris Olympics will also receive a compensation by “100 euro” And “two places” offered to attend “Olympic events”.

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