Olympic medalist Gilles Bosquet, godfather of the students of the professional high school Revel

Olympic medalist Gilles Bosquet, godfather of the students of the professional high school Revel

This Wednesday, March 13, Gilles Bosquet visited the marquetry department of the furniture secondary school in Revel (31). Students work on projects related to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and French heritage.

The 14 CAP marquetry students have not been idle in recent months. Under the guidance of their teachers Joël Mittou and Jérôme Cauquil, they created beautiful works of art that illustrate the intensity of the rowers and kayakers in action.

This Wednesday was the opportunity to proudly display them for Gilles Bosquet, silver medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Games and crowned World Senior Rowing Champion in 2001. He also recognized certain athletes represented. “The students worked from photos,” explains Professor Joël Mittou.

Behind the scenes of the Olympic Games

“Gilles is sponsoring the department this year,” the teacher explains. Who better than someone who has experienced the Games first-hand and wants to know more about them? The athlete was able to tell the story behind the scenes of the organization, the difficulty of the events and what revolves around it. “Rowing events have strict standards. That’s why they don’t take place in pools in the Pyrenees, for example,” the rower reveals.

“Now I coach the French junior rowing team.” With a small smile on his face, the athlete invited the students to practice in Toulouse. Some people didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the idea.

French heritage

The 14 students also worked throughout the year on all kinds of works: bottle holders for wine, cancaneuses, the architecture of bridges – such as those of Gard or Millau – and that of cities with posters about Marseille, Nice, Colmar, Espelette and… Enjoy the course . “We started with the sports theme with Terres de Jeux 2024,” says Joël Mittou, “then we expanded to French heritage.”

“They also worked on airplanes,” says Jérôme Cauquil, an applied arts teacher. “They are going to have an exhibition stand for the airexpo.” It will take place on May 11 at Muret-Lherm airport.

Marie, a student of the section, proudly reports that their works will be exhibited locally at the Musée du Bois from late June to mid-November. “We also worked on other sports, such as karate, fencing, gymnastics or tennis.”

An appointment not to be missed, also for their sponsor Gilles Bosquet who promised to return to admire the work.

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