OpenAI: ChatGPT-5 could be available as early as summer 2024

OpenAI: ChatGPT-5 could be available as early as summer 2024

OpenAI continues its frantic race to improve its chatbot, ChatGPT. Sam Altman’s new version of generative artificial intelligence could see the light of day next summer. A handful of initial testers outside of OpenAI have already had access to this new version of the GPT model.

ChatGPT-5 training for this summer?

A year has passed since the arrival of ChatGPT-4. This new version of the AI ​​model brought a significant number of improvements, especially regarding the speed of execution of tasks, the complexity of the data processed and the accuracy of the content generated.

According to anonymous sources, relayed by the media Business Insider, the new version of ChatGPT would be more efficient than GPT-4. GPT-5 would have new features such as the execution of certain tasks in complete autonomy, where GPT-4 tends to request more details from the user.

ChatGPT-5 is still in the training phase, especially in terms of security and the improvement of “guardrails”, with the aim of preventing the generation of illegal and immoral content.

If OpenAI has not yet communicated a precise release date for the successor to GPT-4, several observers expect a release in mid-2024… However, the new version still needs to pass the security exams before it is ready for the general public. market.

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