“Our promise is above all to offer everyone a professional career”: the Tetranergy business school from Reunion arrives in Bourran

“Our promise is above all to offer everyone a professional career”: the Tetranergy business school from Reunion arrives in Bourran

The establishment born on the island of Réunion opens its first branch in mainland France. Starting next school year, five dual courses will be offered, from baccalaureate level +3 to +5.

A new higher education offering is coming to Rodez. More specifically, it is at 200 rue Pierre-Carrère, a stone’s throw from the Bourran shopping center, that the Tetranergy business school recently opened its doors, in a building previously occupied by the Made in Bébé company.

An amazing installation to say the least! The school previously had three campuses on the island of Réunion where it was founded, in Saint-Denis, Saint-Pierre and Le Port, but so far nothing in mainland France. It is an “institute”, with about 1,100 students, explains the director of the Ruthenian branch David Barrau, himself from Aveyron, who has nothing to do with this establishment (read elsewhere).

From one Piton to another

So Tetranergy moves from one Piton to another and gradually begins its adventure as a business school in Rodez. All training courses offered are dual, from Bac+3 to Bac+5 level. Students receive one day of training and four days on the job. Work study required, so the cost of training is covered by the companies through their skills operators (Opco) and the diplomas recognized by the state.

“Our promise is above all to offer everyone a professional career,” assures David Barrau. The most important thing is what happens after school. » Hence the idea of ​​offering work-study courses, in order to receive the most professional training possible. “We work together with the professionals. There is an existing training offer in Rodez, but this can still be improved. The idea is to focus on sectors where there is a real local need, identified by companies,” explains the director.

Bac +3 to bac +5

For example, the first Tetranergy students with Rouergate sauce went back to school in March. About twenty students, including ten directly from Réunion Island, represent the first promotion of the bac +3 manager of the tourist company. For example, a student is following her training at Le Suquet, in the Bras restaurant.

Four other training courses will complete the offer in September, bac +3 level in the fields of banking and insurance, real estate and so-called “B to B” trade, i.e. sales to professionals, and finally a master’s degree in trade and management . According to David Barrau, these five classes of about twenty students each should form about a hundred students. In addition to the four employees of the structure, about forty independent trainers will provide the lessons. “There is a lot of group work on the programme. The students have to make the place their own,” says the director enthusiastically, impatient to see the development of this new establishment.

Why export to Aveyron?

Tetranergy has been located on the island of Réunion for 37 years and is investing in the metropolis for the first time. But why Rodez? “Because I’m from Aveyron,” answers David Barrau, director of the Ruthenian campus, with a smile.
David Barrau left Pont-de-Salars, where he was born, 15 years ago to join the ‘intense island’, joining Tetranergy in 2016, as manager, then commercial director and campus director.

But as the years pass, Aveyron’s call becomes too strong. “It’s a story about men, I wanted to come back here and Tetranergy wanted to develop in another area…,” he says, and so a branch was opened in Rodez. In addition to this personal history, this choice also results from a certain strategy. In particular, characterized by a “need for labor from companies in the region”, which reinforces the relevance of this offer.

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