Pamiers: The Tustaires of Oc send wood

Pamiers: The Tustaires of Oc send wood

The local logging club was present during the open day of Legta and CFPPA Ariège-Comminges.

The open days of the CFPPA Ariège-Comminges and Legta offered the public numerous activities related to agricultural professions, but also those in the forest. During this day, visitors could attend the first challenge for ETF d’Occitanie students (association of forestry contractors in Occitanie).

Congratulations to the 5 students of the Professional Agricultural Certificate (BPA) in forestry, logging and then driving forestry machinery, for their participation in this first ETF d’Occitanie trophy.

During the open days, the association members were able to present the various sporting events of Sthil Timbersports and introduce the local logging club, the Tustaïres d’Oc. Founded in 2015 at the Agricultural and Forestry Training Center of Ariège Comminges (CFPPA), by Frédéric Vavasseur (current director of the CFFPPA, passionate about professions related to wood and forestry), this club is under the auspices of the National Sports Federation in a rural environment . There are about ten active in France, including the one in Pamiers.

A dynamic club with about fifteen members, including girls, all diligent and well trained in this demanding discipline that combines both speed of execution and precision. Frédéric Vavasseur attends demonstrations at many local and sometimes regional events and trains his champions on Saturdays at the CFPPA. Finally, the Tustaïres d’Oc participate every year in the French Championship and the French Cup.

They will take part in the Pyrenees in September, the National Agricultural Fair in Saint-Gaudens, in the finals of the French Championships in the discipline and participate in the World Championships in November which will take place at the Zénith in Toulouse.

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