Promote housing assistance

Châteauneuf-sur-Loire. Housing assistance. The Community of Communes Loges (CCL) organized a habitat breakfast on Wednesday at Espace Florian. Meeting for elected officials and professionals (real estate agents, bankers, brokers, surveyors, companies guaranteeing environmental protection recognized by RGE, etc.).

The idea: to inform them and present them with local and national assistance to facilitate the renovation of empty homes and apartments. “There are a lot of the latter, hence the importance of fighting against this complex phenomenon that stems from multiple causes. Housing is a key issue, both socially and demographically,” said President Frédéric Mura.

Soliha associative network

Before he indicated that the Soliha network of associations was chosen to carry out the engineering and documentation of the planned housing improvement operations initiated by the Loges commune community.

This workshop also aimed to enable participants to act as prescribers to their users and clients, informing them of possible measures.

After reminding of national grants (My bonus for renovation, my bonus for adaptation, my bonus for decent housing, interest-free loan or even Loc' advantage), local grants were mentioned: facade renovation (25% aid); support at home (80%); home renovation but also energy improvement of housing (100% without resource requirements); returning to the housing market in the city center (up to EUR 4,000 in aid).

Practically. To find out if you are entitled to housing assistance, contact the Soliha service at or at [email protected]

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