Ribbed glass: new in interior design

Already popular in 2023, ribbed glass is back in your home. A versatile decorative element, striped glass can be found in your home in an industrial, neo-retro or even Scandinavian style. If you also want to bring a note of elegance and refinement to your interior, accept ribbed glass and its variants.

Striped glass in lighting

This is undoubtedly the most common use of ribbed glass. From table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps or even ceiling lamps, ribbed glass can be found everywhere to illuminate and add a significant decorative touch to your interior. Different models of ribbed glass are available here with as many possible variations as possible either in glass shape, texture or color: amber, red, smoky black, midnight blue, etc.

Ribbed glass on furniture

Your furniture can also benefit from a little makeover by choosing ribbed glass. Chests of drawers, chests of drawers, shelves, coffee tables… these are all possibilities in terms of furniture decorated with colored glass. However, choose furniture with a metal structure to highlight the decorative and modern aspect of stained glass. Each of your living rooms can therefore accommodate a piece of furniture with a ribbed glass element, from the living room to the kitchen, including the bathroom.

Ribbed glass on windows, doors and partitions

Another common use of ribbed glass, but often forgotten, is the insertion of glass into various openings, windows, doors and partitions. Ribbed glass sliding doors add a contemporary touch to all your living rooms.

Windows and partitions also gain aesthetics by installing ribbed glass elements. Finally, ribbed glass partitions allow you to effectively demarcate different areas of your premises and promote the circulation of light, all while preserving the privacy of each area by ensuring sufficient opacity.

Ribbed glass as a decorative accessory

Finally, striped glass is also available as a stylish and chic decorative accessory. The first elements that come to mind are mostly tableware: jug, glass, ice cream bowl, etc. Then, we find purely decorative accessories, especially vases, storage compartments and even storage boxes. You will understand, ribbed glass is the new trend in decoration for 2024.

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