Saint Gaudens.  The agricultural high school attracts its future students

Saint Gaudens. The agricultural high school attracts its future students

As usual, the tractors posed in the courtyard of the Saint-Gaudens agricultural school, looking beautiful for the open days. Naturally, the sheep from the high school CFA operation had made the trip for this presentation day. There was also a market waiting for visitors, an opportunity for sales students to work on their courses but also to introduce Comminges products. Many visitors walked through the corridors of the agricultural high school, often parents accompanied the future students of the establishment who discovered all the courses offered. Because the agricultural high school is not only a farm and a CFA, there are also various personal service training courses of which teachers and students have been able to present the training platforms. “Personal care professions are still very promising for young people. We have had many families interested in what we offer their children. It must be said that the local population really helps a lot during our theoretical courses. But it is the fact that we offer internships in companies that appeal to young people,” assures one of the professors.

On the CFA side, the gardener training also attracted some curious people. “It is not classic, there is a role in the classroom and in business, but here we are lucky, we have several partners and even in the classroom we intervene on the spot,” assures one of the teachers.

A lifestyle

It is also the advantages of the establishment that appeal to visitors: “It is true that the secondary school is recognized for the quality of its work, but also for its welcome and we want to further improve this point by reviewing the insulation of the boarding school” , assures Pierre Virmont director of the establishment. Especially since the opportunity to pursue professional studies abroad also has an impact. The school even recently offered an Erasmus+ program that is open to everyone. In the agricultural field, the project to have transhumance recognized by UNESCO also makes students want to join the banks of the agricultural high school.

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