Saint-Martin-de-Lenne. Schoolchildren on a journey of discovery

Like every year, the students from Mrs. Chincholle's class went on a school trip all week. They were impatient and finally the big day had arrived. Suitcases packed, the hint of fear disappeared, a quick goodbye to the parents and on the way for a whole week full of adventures, sharing and learning. It is in Valrance that the class is installed in very comfortable buildings, and after a good meal there is time for half-group activities for better support of the students during the week.

This allowed them to reinvest their knowledge in orienteering by reading maps and looking for markers in the center and the wooded area. In teams of five or two, the challenge was launched at a breakneck pace for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Thanks to Yannick, a circus professional, they were also introduced daily to all the disciplines of this art: games of skill and cooperation, balancing on a ball, on a wire, on a reel, juggling with scarves, balls, bats, discovering the body, body sequences … During the stay, the students also received an introduction to horse riding and aerobatics. They also made compost bins that they took to school. At the end of a photo rally in Saint-Sernin, students renewed their knowledge of the Middle Ages. Finally, they practiced climbing in a natural environment. A great moment full of strong emotions. Without forgetting the center's mascot, Étoile, the deer.

During the week, the students learned to discover themselves, push their boundaries and fears and rediscover their classmates. Mutual help and good mood benefited everyone, allowing everyone to surpass themselves and create other bonds. These shared moments contribute to group cohesion and promote a caring and serene climate in the classroom. The students returned enchanted, their eyes full of stars and with much greater confidence. They can't wait to go back next year for a trip with a completely different theme.

The CM class will continue with learning and end-of-year projects with interventions around life-saving gestures, the Chat class, language teaching using the Émile system, the 'Terre de jeux' meetings, the Fab lab with the 3D printer, the scroll saw, microbit cards, the sewing machine, the cameo…

The RPI teachers thank the APE for the opportunity to organize this type of stay every year and for the financial support of all the projects carried out within the RPI Pierrefiche-Saint-Martin-de-Lenne: exercises and meetings in Occitan, interventions from professionals all over the world visual arts, nature, museum visits, sporting events for all cycles…

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