Sandra Le Clec'h, interior designer –

A few weeks ago, Sandra Le Clec'h left Spézet for Carhaix and moved her activity as an interior designer, which she has been doing for more than four years, to the capital Poher.

But what does the job of an interior designer actually consist of? “Starting from the existing situation, the wishes and needs of the customers, the interior designer designs the layout of the rooms in the home, the style of your decoration and selects the furniture. A typical client wants to find solutions to the problems of implementation and volume organization,” she points out.

After several conversations to gauge the client's expectations, Sandra schedules a first meeting at the end of which, if everyone is on the same wavelength, she gives a detailed report to the client, “with two or three quotes if they want, or for 2D plans, enhanced with mood boards or even 3D Visualization. We meet at least once more for metric readings and I bring in certain tradesmen, especially electricians and plumbers, to take into account technical limitations. Then I submit all tradesmen's bids, even if I am not responsible for the project myself. »

Three key words for every project: functionality, aesthetics and well-being. “I am currently following a training dedicated to well-being in the home, around energy circulation, relaxation spaces, color psychology, etc. I am also taking eco-design training, to raise my awareness about reusing, not throwing everything away, using what is already there or even using more environmentally friendly materials. »
Sandra Le Clec'h works for individuals, but also for professionals, especially companies, and operates in Carhaix and thirty kilometers around it.

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