School: canteen tickets from one euro!

School: canteen tickets from one euro!

The school, located between the town hall and the village hall, consists of two buildings: the daycare center and primary education.

Naturally adapted toilets and a large motor skills room are attached to the children’s room. There are outdoor games for children in the courtyard (separate from the primary school, only toddlers have access to them). An energy renovation and access for people with reduced mobility is currently being studied.

On the primary side there are two classrooms and an educational workshop. Multi-sport swings (hand, football, basketball) have recently been installed in the courtyard. This building is heated by a pellet boiler.

There are three teachers: one at the kindergarten and two at the primary school. The staff is small, for better support and differentiated education.

At Christmas the meal is offered to everyone by the town hall and the APE (parents’ association) provides entertainment (this year it was a cinema outing) and snacks.

Opening hours are: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM. Morning care from 7:30 am, evening until 6:30 pm.

Students are welcome from the age of 2 or 2 1/2 years, provided they are toilet trained.

This year, toddlers will go on an educational outing at the end of March (Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance) and in June primary school pupils will go to the ocean (Meschers).

The town hall covers one third of the costs, the APE another third and families the last third (maximum remaining costs € 100).

The meals are delivered every day and comply with the EGALIM law and the Territorial Food Plan, they are prepared in Villefranche (balanced meals, local products, some organic, meat-free days, etc.). This year, a rate proportional to the family coefficient will be introduced, starting from € 1 (for families whose family quotient is less than € 1,000).

Do not hesitate to contact the town hall for more information (05 65 45 11 97).

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