School dropouts, they work on the radio at Tiers Lieu M in Graulhet

In a relaxed and educational atmosphere, young people from Clément-de-Pemille secondary school held their fourth workshop with two members of the Radio R d’Autan team.

The Mission to Combat School Dropout (MLDS) is a public service of National Education. “The system is called Remediation,” explains Patrick Rolland, the coordinator who contributes to the perseverance of schools and the fight against school dropouts in the Gaillac, Graulhet and Lavaur region and who is stationed at Clément-de-Pemille high school.

The common characteristic of the minors present here is that they no longer go to school. The aim is to mobilize them again and help them set up a project before the start of the school year in September. These young people are between 16 and 18 years old and the aim of the remediation is either a return to school, an internship, an internship through the local mission or a professional choice.

It is tailor-made based on their motivation, their desire and what they discover during this support.

“We need to distinguish between early school leavers, who are still in the school system and still under the responsibility of their establishment,” adds Patrick Rolland. We must distinguish between those for whom we do prevention, for example by arranging their schedules, and those who have stopped completely, such as the young people participating in the workshop today. »

An amazing experience

The first workshop started with a French teacher with a text by Stéphane Hessel. This was followed by a self-interview to get used to speaking, asking questions and expressing themselves. A great way to question yourself.

Finally, with microphones in hand, the young people interviewed high school students about the topic of school and bullying. If school was a color? Where do you see yourself in ten years? Is happiness linked to money? Which personalities inspire you?

For the fourth workshop, Isabelle Dizier, mediator at Tiers Lieu for two months, explained to them what the Léo Lagrange association was: miner’s housing, workshops for integration work camps and social housing Tiers Lieu M. They only had half an hour to answer the questions. they were going to ask their three guests about the commitment: Bruno Gauer from Circ’O Dadou, Saïd Mehdi elected member of the town hall of Graulhet and Francis Bidault who teaches Esperanto.

The young people then sat around tables with microphones to take stock of how the morning would go and how to use a microphone with Radio R d’Autan presenter Claire.

The young Léonie who wrote a fiction recorded by radio R d’Autan testifies: “It is a stressful experience”, as she says with a smile we can think that the experience is beautiful despite the stress. Another explains that it is better than sitting in class. We want to believe it because we want to stick around. The final step is the post-production of the interview with the three adults.

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