School lotto, mini prize boxes for max lots

School lotto, mini prize boxes for max lots

Like every year, the AP2EM (Parents’ Association of Montbeton Schools) organized the big school lottery on Sunday, March 10, at the Espace Jean Bourdette. Regulars, families and children enjoy coming together during this anticipated and appreciated annual event.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a good deed with the guarantee that the profits generated will finance educational projects and the purchase of equipment for children in kindergarten and primary schools.

But if organizing a lottery does not pose any particular difficulties, its success also depends on the continued high turnout. The success is partly due to the involvement of association members and teachers, from design to the day of the event. The search for attractive prizes from traders, craftsmen and parents resembles a real ‘hunt’, but the generosity of the donors is confirmed with every edition. The concept of attractively priced boxes appeals to as many people as possible in a certain economic context. A win-win system that stands the test of time. The municipality, in turn, rents the room for free and engages municipal agents.

Between two quines, the public honored the food bar and the delicatessen stall. In short, a wonderfully lively and useful Sunday afternoon.

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