Secularism in schools: a senatorial report highlights the “terrible loneliness” of teachers |  TF1 INFO

Secularism in schools: a senatorial report highlights the “terrible loneliness” of teachers | TF1 INFO

Following a letter from Mickaëlle Paty, the sister of Samuel Paty, to Gérard Larcher, a commission of inquiry was opened into the threats and attacks to which teachers may be exposed.
In their report, the senators pointed out the “terrible loneliness” of teachers who face a daily life “marked by tensions and conflicts.”
They made several recommendations to better support teaching staff.

“The Republic’s school is in danger”, estimates Laurent Lafon (UDI), who, together with his colleague LR François-Noël Buffet, presents a senatorial report to the press on the threats and attacks that teachers may be victims of. By emphasizing “terrible loneliness” teachers facing such situations, senators have made 38 recommendations “promote this French secularismto better train teaching staff and provide them with the necessary tools to carry out their mission.

This report followed the opening of a commission of inquiry by the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, who was questioned on the subject by post by Mickaëlle Paty, sister of Samuel Paty, who was also interviewed.

A ‘parent charter’

“The most striking observation is the terrible loneliness that members of the teaching staff experience in the face of a daily life characterized by tensions and conflicts”François-Noël Buffet was alarmed. The authors of the report, from the right-wing alliance and the majority center in the Senate, therefore propose various measures in the field of training so that National Education “taking back control” about teacher training, “No longer making initial education dependent on the university”. They want too “View the disciplinary corpus” in the case of threats and other forms of pressure, by “harmonization of sanctions at national level”.

Another recommendation is to have parents of students sign a form annually. “Parent Charter”in which “will be reminded that education cannot be disputed”. The creation of “structures dedicated to poly-excluded students” Or “very disruptive” is also advanced. Even more symbolically, they advocate the organization of a mandatory day in honor of murdered teachers in every branch at the start of the school year.

The senators are also proposing several measures to streamline the legal process for officers who are victims of attacks or threats. The administration could then file a complaint itself instead of the officer involved, who sometimes hesitates to do so for fear of reprisals.

This Senate report was unanimously adopted in the Senate committee, but some on the left abstained. It was presented a few days after online death threats received by a principal at the Maurice-Ravel high school in Paris who asked a student to remove her veil.

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