Siri could soon speak like a human thanks to Apple’s generative AI

Apple is reportedly preparing a new version of its voice assistant Siri, which can talk to users naturally. This innovation would be based on generative AI, a technology that creates content based on language models.

Siri, soon more efficient thanks to AI? © Apple

Apple is reportedly preparing to unveil a new version of Siri, its voice assistant, that would be able to have natural and personalized conversations with users. This feat would be made possible by generative AI, a technology that allows content to be created based on language models.

Siri will soon become more human thanks to Apple’s generative AI

This is what South Korean leaker Yeux1122 claims on his blog, who claims to have internal sources at Apple. According to him, the Cupertino company would have done that billion dollars invested in the development of its own generative AI tool, based on Ajax, which would be comparable to ChatGPT, OpenAI’s well-known chatbot. Everything indicates that it would be Ferret, an AI that Apple has been developing for several months.

Apple would like to integrate this AI into Siri, but also into other services, such as Apple News or Apple Music. The goal would be to help iPhone (or Mac?) owners richer, more varied and personalized experiencesbased on their preferences, history and context.

A presentation during WWDC 2024 and availability on the iPhone 16

The leaker announces that the new version of Siri will be presented at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, in 2024 (normally in June 2024) and that it will be available on iPhone 16 and later models. He adds that Siri will work mainly locally, on the iPhone, without the need to connect to the cloud, which would ensure better data privacy.

I have to say that Siri could use a helping hand, as it is often considered inferior to its competitors (such as Google Assistant or Alexa). If Apple manages to give it a more human voice and better adapted to each user, it could regain ground and increase customer loyalty.

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