Teachers describe the state of disrepair of their secondary school on TikTok, the rectorate calls on them to... lecture them

Teachers describe the state of disrepair of their secondary school on TikTok, the rectorate calls on them to… lecture them

In one week, the video was viewed more than 2 million times on TikTok. Teachers broadcast images showing the very poor state of their secondary school in Sevran in Seine Saint-Denis. They are summoned by the rectorate.

Lack of general maintenance, dilapidated walls, water leaks, teachers not replaced, not enough tables… To show the state of disrepair of their school, four teachers from Blaise-Cendrars secondary school in Sevran in Seine Saint-Denis installed a video uploaded to TikTok. Their goal: to demand more resources for schools in France’s poorest department.

Within a week the video became more than viral. It has been viewed more than 2.6 million times. In 1 minute and 30 minutes, the teachers and some students simultaneously paint a gloomy picture of the state of affairs at secondary school in a fatalistic and distant tone. “We are in Blaise-Cendrars, of course we have a bucket against leaks because we no longer have a ceiling,” says one of the participants.

@lyceeblaisecendrars We are clear in Blaise Cendrars that… @Le Farfadet Physicien #lyceeblaisecendrars #pourtoi #fyp #seinesaintdenis #faitenouspercercestpourunevraicause #sevran #93270 #jeuneendetresse #lyceens ♬ original sound – LyceeBlaiseCendrars

The management of the establishment and the rectorate of Créteil learned of the video. And they didn’t like that at all. Four teachers were summoned to the director’s office on Friday morning in the presence of members of the rectorate for individual discussions. Blandine Paulet, co-secretary of the education union Snes-FSU, sees “a logic of intimidation,” she said in a press release. A union meeting was organized at 8:30 am.

As for the rectorate of Créteil, the convocation of teachers “is part of a regulatory framework”, we indicate to the Figaro. No disciplinary proceedings will be initiated at this stage.

Regional president Valérie Pécresse, responsible for secondary schools, has not officially responded. The regional vice-president in charge of secondary schools, James Chéron, denies any negligence regarding this secondary school in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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