Teachers' strike: mobilization, level groups… what should we expect from the movement announced on April 2?

The teaching unions have declared a strike for Tuesday, April 2. The latter openly criticize the ‘shock of knowledge’ system announced by the government.

Will the new mobilization day, announced by the teaching unions and organized on Tuesday, April 2, be followed? Just a week ago, the social partners launched a call for demonstrations, demanding, among other things, the abandonment of the measures for a “shock of knowledge” announced by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal. The last day of the mobilization took place on March 19: this time the unions called for “strengthening the mobilization”. La Dépêche du Midi returns at several points to the announced mobilization.

Why a new mobilization?

Education unions are demanding an end to the ‘knowledge shock’, a series of measures announced by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to raise the level of students, especially in secondary education. On March 17, a decree was published announcing the creation of ‘level groups’ in colleges – in mathematics and French. Official newspaper. The decree mentions groups “composed according to the needs of the students” that would be created at the start of the 2024 school year.

“The government is feverish and has started to force itself by publishing texts, despite the opinion of the profession,” the unions denounce and consider this publication as “unacceptable and irresponsible.” The social partners also want “a salary increase without compensation and resources for public schools”.

What do we know about the mobilization planned for next Tuesday?

This new call for a strike was launched by several educational unions: the Snes-FSU with the Snep-FSU (physical and sports education), Sud Education, the CGT éduc’action and the Fnec-FP FO. The latter call on teachers to demonstrate in Paris and in several cities in France, in particular to make this mobilization movement “long-term”. “By sticking to the long term, as in Quebec, we will win for our salaries, our jobs and public schools,” the unions’ press release said. The document also provides a map of academies where mobilization is expected:

What can we specifically expect from the student side this Tuesday, April 2? Mainly by canceling courses, both at primary and secondary schools.

What mobilization?

The unions want to ‘strengthen’ the strike movement. And it is not without reason that there was no mobilization, despite the call to demonstrate on March 19. In National Education, one of the main employers of government workers, 6.77% of teachers at the first level (preschool and primary schools) and 10.65% at the second level (middle and high schools) went on strike, the ministry said.

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