The CM2 received their prize from the national competition

On Thursday, March 21, the delegates and alternates of the CM2 class of the public primary school Paul Bayrou in Saint-Antonin, accompanied by their after-school facilitator, Mr. Ben Sadia, and their teacher Mrs. Armelle Canet, went to Paris to receive their prize to take. in the national competition “Tell me 10 words”, initiated by the Ministry of Culture and National Education. A competition for literary and artistic creation, the 'ten words competition', is aimed at classes from primary to secondary education, in France or abroad. It proposes to carry out a collective and multidisciplinary production, based on linguistic work, based on the ten words chosen every year. For this 2024 edition, “Tell me ten words on stage” sets the pace around the Olympic and Paralympic Games and invites you to explore the vocabulary and values ​​of sport.

This year's ten words: adrenaline, bravery, escape, false start, mental, tie up, collective, offside, champion and go to oranges. The ambassadors of the winning classes of the national competition “Tell me ten words” were invited to the premises of the Académie française of the Institut de France. 450 schools, or 12,000 students, from kindergarten to high school, participated in this 2024 edition. It is therefore a real achievement that little Saint-Antoninois has achieved by winning the Cycle 3 School Prize together with Mrs. Cousinié's CM1-CM2 class from the Monteils school. During the ceremony, hosted by actor Yannick Laurent, they received their award for their music video “En route vers les JOs”. This award was presented under the attentive and admiring eye of Madame Belloubet, the Minister of National Education and Youth, Madame Dati, the Minister of Culture, and Mr. Maalouf, the Permanent Secretary of the French Academy and Mr. Darcos, the Commander of Art and letters. With great emotion and pride, the students brought this diploma back to Tarn-et-Garonne.

CM2's on their way to Parliament

The CM2 class of the Paul Bayrou primary school in Saint Antonin was chosen by the Academic Director of the National Education Services (DASEN) to represent the constituency of MP Mrs Valérie Rabault as part of the 'Parliament' operation for children.” Operation organized by the National Assembly in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education that offers CM2 students a lesson in citizenship and moral education by offering them the opportunity to discover the role of legislator.

At the end of a discussion aimed at teaching them what a democratic debate is, the students had to write a bill that would respond to the theme “Promote the practice of sport among all young people”. The students in Ms. Armelle Canet's CM2 class focused their proposed law on youth with disabilities.

The students are eagerly awaiting the results of the academic jury to know whether they will subsequently be given access to the national jury. If they win at the national level, their bill will be proposed and put to a vote in the National Assembly. Even if they don't win, MP Valérie Rabault invites the students to Paris to visit the Palais Bourbon, seat of the National Assembly.

For several weeks now, the parents of students in the class have expanded their activities: sale of chocolates, stall with pastries and hot coffee at the Sunday morning market, garage sale on April 14 at the Salle des Thermes (contact Mrs. Sabine Bastoul 06 51 82 48 31). The town hall gives them the opportunity to get a place at the market for free and a subsidy is awarded for the trip. Village merchants and Mrs. Valérie Rabault also participated by making donations. Teacher Ms. Armelle Canet and the CM2 class sincerely thank the parents, merchants and elected officials for their generosity and investment.

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