the magic of Scandinavian decor revealed

Hygge: the magic of Scandinavian decoration revealed
Hygge: the magic of Scandinavian decoration revealed
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Are you passionate about interior design? Discover the hygge style, an approach that favors comfort and well-being. With its neutral tones, natural materials and soft light, hygge creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Learn how to combine Scandinavian comfort with your own personal touches for a home that fully embodies this lifestyle.

The origin and term “hygge”

Hygge is a word of Norwegian origin that has its appearance in Denmark in the Middle Ages. The concept of hygge, which is very often used in Denmark today, refers to the art of living and a philosophy that enables everyday well-being, especially in winter with short sunny days.

The goal of hygge is to enjoy the simple things in life, refocus on human relationships and slow down from the modern and stressful lifestyle we encounter every day. It also brings a sense of security and comfort.

Hygge style can be easily created at home. For example, you can create a space to relax with comfortable armchairs, but not only. Relaxing in a hot bath, relaxing with a good hot chocolate, listening to music, sitting by the fire, enjoying family or friends, these are all small hyggelig things.

How to create a hygge style at home?

In Denmark, residents create this hygge way by lighting candles placed throughout the room (or rooms), putting on thick woolen socks and above all disconnecting from new technologies.

This lifestyle can be adapted to any home because hygge is meant to be simple and warm. Candles can be substituted for lights as long as the light remains soft and dim.

In addition to comfortable armchairs, the center of hygge decoration will be a comfortable sofa complemented by numerous pillows and covers that will give your interior the atmosphere of a cozy nest. Soft carpets will bring some warmth and comfort to the room.

Also prefer soft, neutral colors or pastel tones as well as natural materials. Untreated natural wood for furniture such as coffee tables or consoles or canvas for your curtains will be materials that are completely in line with the hygge fashion living room.

Hygge style or how to be in harmony with yourself

In general, hygge is associated with comforting colors like green, pink, light blue or soothing colors like white, light gray or powder pink.

Wrap yourself in cozy synthetic, velvet or wool covers. For even more comfort, wear comfortable, loose clothing.

To make the most of this lifestyle, arrange the space, choose functional furniture and simplify the interior decoration, for example, with objects that have sentimental value. This uncluttered and personal decor will help create a warm hygge atmosphere.

It is up to you to create your cocoon according to your wishes and feelings. So, if bold colors relax you more than pastels, it's possible. Some will prefer to listen to music, others will prefer the sounds of nature (rain, birds, etc.). Here, again, there is no musical obligation to stay in this hygge mode, once again it is important that it gives you a sense of comfort.

The art of hygge living is above all a state of mind that suits you. Although it is more suitable for the winter period, this lifestyle is applicable in all seasons. Indeed, the hyggelig philosophy is always based on appreciating the small joys of everyday life, knowing how to enjoy life and being open to others.

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