The mayor ransacked his city's parking lot, a “preemptive destruction” to prevent the return of travelers.

The mayor ransacked his city’s parking lot, a “preemptive destruction” to prevent the return of travelers.

In Balaruc-le-Vieux, near Sète (Hérault), the municipal stadium no longer has parking facilities. The bitumen on the ground was preventively destroyed by municipal employees at the request of the mayor, to prevent the return of travelers.

Travelers cannot settle in the Balaruc-le-Vieux (Hérault) car park because the car park has been destroyed. Not by delinquents, but by municipal officers who acted on the orders of the mayor who feared to see the community return to the village. A radical position, but one adopted by the alderman.

“Preventive destruction”

The parking lot of the municipal stadium was vandalized and looted. The bitumen has turned over and the surface is now unusable, it turns out Free afternoon. The entrance has become completely impassable, pieces of bitumen are on the ground. For Norbert Chaplin, mayor of Balaruc-le-Vieux, this voluntary relegation was necessary. At the end of February, travelers had already settled in this parking lot, because they could not reach the planned reception area. The mayor feared that they would return and did not want to remain helpless.

In the Hérault, the problem is becoming more and more serious and communities are taking over all kinds of parking areas: supermarket parking lots, sports complexes and even roundabouts…

Gradually relax

On the territory of Sète there are 80 locations intended for the traveling community. But if in theory they can stay there for a maximum of four months, we increasingly see a gradual settlement.

The education of children and the working conditions of certain community members cause some families to seek a more sustainable location.

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