The most beautiful decoration trends of 2024 that you can adopt in your apartment

he announced Eléonore Bounhiol

– February 5, 2024 at 09:00 a.m

Painting, furniture, patterns and materials, accessories… Discover the most modern decoration trends for 2024 in every room of the house and find some fashion inspirations to buy from our ideas to adopt them in your home!

What are the results for decorating trends for 2023?

The year 2023 was marked by a succession of ultra-creative decorating trends: the vintage style established itself in many interiors, with iconic details such as the disco ball from the 70s and the mushroom lamp, and even Ancient tableware. Balance of trends decoration also sometimes leaning towards Zen and organic minimalism, sometimes assumed maximalism, especially inspired by the “Barbie” phenomenon. What will happen this year 2024? What will be the new trends in the decoration department that we will love?

Colors, materials… What are the decorating trends in 2024?

In 2024, here too we can expect joyful eclecticism in interior design: in line with the disco ball that took over all living rooms (and Instagram feeds) in 2023, reflections of chrome, metal and silver should return, in color, on furniture and accessories. Patterns, playful and pop, will dominate our interiors to bring an atmosphere full of energy and creativity.

Page colors, the wind of freshness and optimism blows through the collections: no more sad gray and bland beige colors, now we want depth and joy. A trend illustrated by the choice of Pantone, which he chose lively and soft “Peach Fuzz”, between peachy pink and orange, like its shade of the year. Enough to bring a dose of contagious good mood at home.

Klein blue will also be very trendy: the “Pinterest” platform has declared this color, which users are increasingly looking for, as one of the trends of 2024. We love it in touches of color for a dynamic interior!

The most modern decorating styles for your interior in 2024

In 2024, the “cottage core” style, inspired by the countryside, will develop into “western gothic”, a more rock and somewhat country version inspired by the movie “Barbie” and the series “Wednesday”. Installations in the style of “cabinet of curiosities” and old furniture rearranged in a “mix & match” atmosphere should be part of the new decorative features associated with this new type of fashion!

Organic minimalism or “wabi sabi”, with its round shapes inspired by nature and its natural materials (marble, wood, rattan and raw materials, etc.), at the top of the trends in 2023, will also retain a special place in the pantheon. styles of interior decoration.

Finally, the new style will slowly make its way among the most modern aesthetics: “utopian” interiors, soft colors and decorative objects almost surreal, like something from a dream.

Fashion accessories and wall decorations in 2024: our ideas on how to adopt them at home!

In the accessories department, the 2024 spotlight could be stolen by a lamp with a mushroom design… a jellyfish lamp! The sea animal is even at the center of a new obsession, the “jellyfish core”, a decorative style that emphasizes a palette of pastel colors, transparency or glass, and above all, tentacles. Good tip: you can make your own DIY “jellyfish lamp” by following, for example, a tutorial on TikTok.

In 2024, you can furnish your interior with carpets conservation with graphic patterns and bright colors or even glass vases that look like works of art.

To decorate your walls with style in 2024, focus on very trendy pop and vintage posters, which are assembled as a wall frame, or even light sconces in the art deco style. Blending oval shaped mirrors will also be essential to bring some light and relief to your room!

Small household appliances with retro accents will also be indispensable in the kitchen. It will immediately bring character and a very pleasant atmosphere to your space.

Decorating trends 2023-2024: what furniture is currently in fashion for the bedroom or living room?

THE MOST TENDER decorative furniture in 2024 will surely be couch modular velvet. More timeless than a curly wool model and more practical than a bean bag sofa, it fits everywhere, even in small spaces, as long as you choose a compact model and a simple layout (two modules to make a two-seater sofa, for example). Tweed and chenille will also be popular materials for all seating in the house (sofa, armchair, chairs, etc.).

Side tables with pop curves and glossy finishes will also be in high demand this year! Finally, solid wood in dark shades is making a significant comeback: on a desk or coffee table, it will be ideal for giving character to your room.

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