The most beautiful dining room chandeliers for a modern interior

Posted on February 3, 2024 at 10:28 am.


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Modern or old, with tassels or designs, the chandelier is making a comeback in our interiors, especially in the dining room. Purchase.

Highlighted. When it comes to decoration, everything is important. A bad choice and the desired atmosphere are gone. In contrast, a strong bias or well-thought-out details re-enchant the classic interior. Since then, we rely on mixtures of colors, textures and materials that play duets and accessories for a neat finish. If our attention is sometimes more focused on large pieces of furniture and beautiful little things, it can be common to unconsciously neglect lighting. If any iconic lighting fixtures or stunning design are like the call of the feet, we must not ignore their usefulness. Creating a truly dazzling letter is essential. It is a guarantee of an interior in which we feel good. So we multiply the sources to modulate clarity and define different atmospheres throughout the day. To achieve this, we mix primary and secondary sources. If the latter takes the form of table lamps, the former often turns out to be pendants and even chandeliers, marking its return.

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What is the difference between a chandelier, a pendant light and a ceiling light?

Chandelier, pendant and ceiling lamp. It is not always easy to navigate, especially when everything conflicts and confuses in everyday language. If all these lights hang high, they still have big differences. The ceiling light is attached directly, as the name suggests, to the ceiling, without hanging. What about the suspension. One or more light sources are attached to a cable or rod for overhead lighting. Finally, the chandelier is inspired by the latter, but stands out with its luminous branches or arms.

How to choose a chandelier for the dining room?

To choose the right chandelier, it's all a matter of proportion and ceiling height. Too small and it will get lost in the room. Too big, it will feel too tight. To avoid visually reducing the space, take out the measuring tape and take exact measurements. To calculate the exact dimension, add the width and length of the room. Then we multiply the obtained figure by 6, which will give the ideal size in centimeters.
Located in the dining room, it is certain that your chandelier will be placed above the table. Therefore, its diameter must be 30 cm less than the width of the table. It must also stop approximately 76 cm from the tray so as not to dazzle guests.

Here are the most beautiful chandeliers in 2024

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