They filmed a documentary aimed at an international festival

They filmed a documentary aimed at an international festival

17 young people from the Simone-Veil college in Verdun-sur-Garonne (Tarn-et-Garonne) filmed a documentary, “Carbone Glu”, which will try to participate in the International Prevention Festival in La Rochelle next May.

Last scene filmed for “Carbone Glu”, Tuesday March 12, in front of the Simone-Veil college, in Verdun-sur-Garonne (Tarn-et-Garonne).

The young actresses and actors, dressed in red or white, are concentrated; Philippe Maleskevitch is in front of the camera and directs the play. Since November 2023, 15 girls and 2 boys, all volunteers, meet once a week to shoot a short film with the aim of participating in the prevention film of the International Festival, in May, in La Rochelle.
The challenge is tough in the face of 400 films from around the world as only 35 will be selected. Facilitator of the workshop, Philippe Maleskevitch, has a long experience with documentary cinema: he has made films for the Ministry of Youth and Sports for a long time, managed holiday centers around cinema and always worked in popular education in the ‘photo’.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the background

Now two years into retirement, he continues to be involved with Aden’s through community life, making him available to the college for this project. He explains: “The scenario matured after an exchange with young people at the time of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in October, which caused tensions and sometimes broke friendships, even among the youngest. I didn’t want to talk about this event, but about conflict in general. With the young people we changed the colors, the red and the white, and emphasized the struggle that opposes them. And above all, apart from the conflicts, the question was asked: “How do you get out?” »

A film that hits the mark

This film, which lasts a few minutes, compact and powerful, highlights the various discriminations and contradictions related to the daily lives of students. Very well executed, with dialogues that are on point, the documentary is of quality.
On Monday, March 11, Ms. Rosli, Director, and Ms. Topin, CPE, came to view the progress of the work during a discussion and assessment workshop and were very satisfied. On Tuesday 12, the group was visited by Cyril Le Normand, director of the academic services for National Education, who spoke to the young people. Clovis, Camille, Oriane, Gabin, Louane, Léocadie, Gabin, Anaïs, Constance, Louane, Stéphie, Tess, Satheen and the others were all committed and talented. All they have to do is win the support of the La Rochelle jury!
By the way, did you guess? “Carbon Glu” is the anagram of red and white.

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