This artificial intelligence will make you polyglot and it's amazing

This artificial intelligence will make you polyglot and it’s amazing

This is a tool that could be of great use, especially in France, a country known for not being the most gifted in the class when it comes to foreign languages. HeyGen, a start-up from Los Angeles, offers a stunning solution: you simply record a video on its platform and copy it in a foreign language of your choice, while keeping the original voice and lip syncing so that everything we see is fire. The AI ​​can even reproduce certain accents or intonations. All this can of course be improved, but the result leaves one speechless… and proves to be very misleading.

Specifically, you need to upload a video of at least 30 seconds (maximum 5 minutes), then choose the language you want, and the platform will take care of the rest. This isn’t the first time artificial intelligence has been used in translation tools, but here HeyGen pushes the boundaries by allowing anyone to create a video in multiple languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Danish , Italian…).

Custom videos with a 3D avatar

Behind HeyGen we find general manager Joshua Xu, formerly of Snapchat, and product director Wayne Liang, formerly of ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company). Initially, the startup offered custom videos based on a script and embodied by a 3D avatar, all at a lower cost. But the startup has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with this translation solution, which has been available since early August.

In a vast world full of diverse cultures and languages, companies no longer need to be limited by geographic or language barriers. By using HeyGen’s AI-powered multilingual campaigns, companies can ensure they not only speak multiple languages, but truly resonate with a range of cultures. It’s not just about communication, but about connection. By embracing this transformative change, companies can ensure their brand voice resonates harmoniously on a global scaleHeyGen explains on its site.

Artificial intelligence has been on everyone’s lips in recent months against the backdrop of the rise of ChatGPT, Midjourney and other Dall-E, so much so that it is causing more concern than reassurance, with some fearing it will eventually replace humans in the world. of work. Moreover, professional translators will certainly not positively assess the arrival of HeyGen.

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