“This is the aim of a two-year project”: the Catholic schools of Lot-et-Garonne organize their Olympiads at the Armandie stadium

The 14 private Catholic institutions in Lot-et-Garonnais will meet on Friday, April 5, at the Armandie stadium and on the Agen sports field. On the programme: parade, flash mob and sporting events to complete a rich Olympic year.

2,800 students from private Catholic schools in Lot-et-Garonne gathered at the Armandie Stadium and the Plaine des Sports. This is the program for Friday, for the “Olympiads of Catholic education in Lot-et-Garonne”.

The day starts at 10 a.m. with a school parade in the Armandie Stadium. a flash mob, before the start of the Olympic Games, scheduled for 11 a.m. On the programme: acro sports, athletics and team sports in particular. Sporting events where “the most important thing is not to win, but to participate”, says Nathalie Duquerroux, manager of the educational mission. Handisports, culture or diet workshops are also planned.

Parents, sports teachers, supervisors, but also students from higher classes are mobilized to provide guidance. In total, between 3,000 and 3,500 people are expected. The organization reminds that the public, with the exception of supervisors, is not accepted. A video recording will take place for absent parents.

All road transport operators in Lot-et-Garonne were mobilized to ensure the movement of these 2,800 children and their companions. Logistics that limit costs: only 5 euros per child.

Workshops, torchlight procession and choreography

“This is the aim of a two-year project,” says Nathalie Claret, director of the first level of the Sainte-Catherine school (Villeneuve-sur-Lot). This day concludes the Olympic and Paralympic week in France, but especially several months of investments by private Catholic institutions in Lot-et-Garonne around the Games.

“For example, each school drew a word and had to organize workshops around this word,” explains Nathalie Claret. The Sint-Katelijneschool worked for several months on the term ‘balance’.

Three fake Olympic torches were even made for the occasion. They were made with a 3D printer at Sint-Katelijne secondary school and have been circulating in the department’s private Catholic institutions since the start of the school year. “We created Olympic flames with the logo of the diocesan management,” says Nathalie Duquerroux. A relay organized according to strict tradition, sometimes even by the parents of the students.

The preparatory work of the schools can be noticed on Friday in Armandie: during the opening ceremony, each of the branches will parade under a specific flag, in a color reminiscent of that of the Olympic rings. Over there flash mob must then bring the 2,800 students together around a jointly rehearsed choreography. “They’ve been rehearsing since September!” laughs Nathalie Claret.

“It was important for us to keep in mind the values ​​of sport and Catholic education,” smiles Nathalie Duquerroux. The organization ensures that the traditional class schedules are respected on this Olympic day. The day ends with a snack and the traditional medal ceremony.

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