Under administrative pressure, liberal nurses, poorly paid, demonstrate to save their profession and their most vulnerable patients

Under administrative pressure, liberal nurses, poorly paid, demonstrate to save their profession and their most vulnerable patients

Liberal nurses are being called to demonstrate on Tuesday, March 19, to defend their profession. A meeting is planned in Toulouse for the Primary Health Insurance Fund.

They demand “dignified and ambitious measures” for their profession and for the health of their patients. To make their message heard, liberal nurses are being called to mobilize on Tuesday, March 19, particularly around the Angry Liberal Nurses collective and the Convergence Infirmière union. In Toulouse, a sit-in and picnic are planned in front of the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) buildings between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

The demands of liberal nurses mainly concern their salary scale. “Most of our fees have been frozen for more than ten years. For example, a postoperative dressing is charged €6.3, an injection is €4.50 and 50% is charged on these gross rates,” explains nurse Ghislaine Sicre out. works in the Hérault and president of the Convergence Infirmière trade union. She will be present in Toulouse to recall the consequences of this price stagnation.

“There will be desert areas in nursing”

“Now that everything has increased except our fees, nurses have been forced to perform more procedures every day to get equal pay. We are coming out of the Covid-19 period of being constantly on the front line exhausted. research we conducted on the difficulty of the profession, 76% of self-employed nurses stated that they felt tired, depressed, on the verge of burnout; 65% had consulted a health professional because of pain (arms, back); 56% thought about retraining in the next five years… We fear that the next deserts will also be that of nursing care and this is already taking shape in certain isolated areas with the reduction in the number of reimbursed kilometers,” explains Ghislaine Sicre.

“Patients who are too dependent are abandoned”

Remuneration for dependency care also remains an important issue. “We only have three packages left and for the most difficult care, i.e. bedridden, incontinent patients with limited mobility, we have lost €3.10 per day (€28.7 in 2024 compared to €31.8 in 2012) . And there are many of them in our patient base. The new, better paid packages, such as care after breast surgery, do not compensate, it is not daily care,” the nurse testifies. She further warns: “Certain patients, too heavy, too dependent, are abandoned because it is package is no longer paid per passage but per day; the nurse only comes once a day.”

“Under great administrative pressure, nurses are also calling for a simplification of nomenclatures so that their fees do not depend on poor wording in the original order and so that they are consistent with the work carried out in the field. “We have been received by the Minister of Health and talks with the National Health Insurance Fund have resumed after six months of disruption. But we are ready to mobilize every day until the Olympic Games, including snail operations,” concludes Ghislaine Sicre.

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