Valentine's Day: why should you be wary of the color of the roses you give?  |  TF1 INFO

Valentine’s Day: why should you be wary of the color of the roses you give? | TF1 INFO

Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is a great way to express your feelings.
The color of the chosen rose sends a message to the person receiving it.
If you want to tell your partner that you love him or her, don’t choose a yellow flower.

Like every year, flowers are among the gifts the French give most on Valentine’s Day. Whether red, pink, orange, yellow, white or even purple, the rose is a sensation in the stalls! In fact, more than 200 million were traded worldwide on January 14. However, many do not know what message this flower can convey depending on the color chosen. Before you go to your florist, here’s what you need to know about the meaning of roses, a symbol of love… but not just that.

Red and pink roses symbolize love and seduction

Among the most popular rose colors we find, of course, red, the ultimate symbol of passionate love. With its velvety soft petals and deep color, it is most often given on Valentine’s Day. And it is not without reason that it testifies to your intense feelings for the person who receives it. The red rose can also mean sensuality, courage and respect. When it comes to pink colored roses, they are the symbol of sweetness. We offer them to a person for whom we feel tenderness and affection. These flowers can mark longevity and sincere love after years of relationship.

Orange and purple flowers to materialize passion and carnal desire

Are you burning with passion for your loved one or coveted one? Choose an orange rose! It testifies to your fleshly desire for the person receiving it. This color also represents joy and vibrancy. The purple flower sends an even stronger message: you show your passion, but also your attraction to the recipient. The purple rose, in turn, indicates the intensity and depth of feelings.

What do white and yellow roses mean?

For a change from the ordinary, you may be tempted to choose white or yellow roses, but pay attention to their meaning! If the first radiates purity and elegance and will therefore not bring you into conflict with the recipient, the yellow rose sends a much less cheerful message. It is associated with betrayal, infidelity, breakups or forgiveness after a mistake has been made. You can give it to a friend as a joy, but to show your love to your partner on Valentine’s Day, you prefer to choose a different color.

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