Villeneuve. Artistic and health-promoting activities at La Bastide school

Primary school is a place where you learn the basics and also a place of openness and discovery. The past period has been rich in events at La Bastide school.

Last Thursday, March 21, all students at the school participated in “the big wash”, a participatory art event. The chosen theme for this edition was 'blowing bubbles'. The children's work was extended to the public garden at the monument throughout the day.

The next day, Friday the 22nd, the youngest of the kindergarten classes went to the village hall to watch “Petites Cassettes”, 5 short films on the theme of difference as part of the “Kindergarten and Cinema” program.

Department dance meeting at school

On the other hand, on January 23, Mrs. Lacombe and Aparisi's classes benefited from a dance workshop led by Azdine Bouncer, performer at the Pyramid company, choreographer and dance teacher. These workshops aimed to support the students in creating the choreography that the classes presented during the “Departmental meetings Dance at School”, on Tuesday, March 26 at the Espace Yves Roques in Decazeville. The students were able to promote their production by presenting themselves to a large audience.

The “big exercise and live challenge” for primary classes

School is also a place where it is necessary to help young people, to ensure that they do not remain inactive. Furthermore, numerous studies have highlighted the fundamental importance of daily physical activity for the health of young people. Various studies show that less than 50% of children and adolescents respect official recommendations, that is, exercise less than one hour per day. This lack of physical activity is becoming a real public health problem. The priority objective is to increase the overall level of physical activity of young people. Three priorities are needed to rectify the situation. To motivate children, it is all about proposing a fun project to actively work on their health. We must also unite educational stakeholders around the “Grand Défi Vivez Bougez” and ultimately encourage the practice of physical activities as a family.

This amazing challenge, currently underway, will last 1 month, started on February 26th and will end in a few days on April 7th. During this period, the child practices physical activities every day, at school, in the recreation center or in other places (in a sports club, in the garden, etc.). He will transform all his physical activity into “energy cubes”. The goal is to get as many energy cubes as possible and get your family involved. Each activity practiced as a family allows the student to multiply the cubes (he adds the cubes of the members of his family who practiced the activity with him).

The culmination of this action will take place in the form of a major event “The Great Reward”, which will take place in the village hall of Villeneuve. More than 280 students are expected. It will also be an opportunity to share choreographies learned in schools, to follow…

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