Wear uniform: Mayors have until June to sign up

Wear uniform: Mayors have until June to sign up

If no school in the Aude is currently a candidate to experiment with wearing one uniform for students, the rector of the Montpellier academy, Sophie Béjéan, will travel to Carcassonne this Friday, March 15, to meet the elected officials of the region to meet. can still come forward in the coming weeks to welcome this experiment.

The rector of the Montpellier academy, Sophie Béjéan, traveled to Carcassonne on Friday, March 15. The opportunity to meet the elected representatives of the area and the association of mayors of the Aude to present both the priorities of National Education for the next school year and the new developments in a ministry that has the particularity of having four responsible since July 2023 have experienced.

Fight against bullying at school, secularism, raising the level of students, setting up company internships in high school, evaluation of the training card, creation in Aude of an observatory for rural dynamics or even strengthening mathematics and French are all themes developed by the representative of National Education for Languedoc-Roussillon.

Among these measures, Sophie Béjéan specified that there will be level groups in colleges next school year. “These are small classes for maths and French. Resources have been deployed for this, with half of the hundred jobs in the Aude affected for this theme of the clash of knowledge.” the Rector explained at the end of this meeting in Carcassonne with local elected officials.

Will Aude miss experimenting with a unique outfit?

When questioned by L’Indépendant on another current topic, namely the absence of municipalities and educational institutions in the department that could apply for the experiment of the unique outfit at school, Sophie Béjéan recalled that the applicants “will still be able to request the academy to participate in this experiment until June. We have five cities in Languedoc-Roussillon committed to the next school year. The experiment will last a year and will be evaluated by research laboratories because we have to We can measure the effects of this action. This is not the only lever we can use, but it can lead to better things. Now we are not obliged to do this everywhere. It is enough that it is representative on a ‘national scale’..

Another point: the 2023/2024 school map that continues to raise eyebrows in several municipalities where mayors and parents of students continue their mobilization, such as in Marcorignan or Narbonne, to prevent the announced class closures. Sophie Béjéan does not deny the anger, but wants to put it into perspective. “The mayors know that we listen to them. We have not made decisions without dialogue and without anticipation. We have taken into account demographic changes, the needs of students, the need for replacement and the support of students in a disability situation. Our priorities are multiple and at some point we have to arbitrate”.

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