What work will ANAH cover in 2024?

What work does ANAH subsidize?

work on energy restoration with Anahwork on energy restoration with Anah

Various grants from the National Agency for Housing (ANAH) encourage energy-saving works and renovations to reduce heat loss and optimize the energy efficiency of housing, but also to adapt the home to aging.

Decorative interventions that are not comparable to new construction or additions are not taken into account. For owners, buildings or co-owners, only thermal and complete renovation works are acceptable.

Work that meets the requirements of MaPrimeRénov'

MaPrimeRénov' and MaPrimeRénov' Sérénité intervene on a fixed rate basis for:

  • Insulation of the remodeled or modified attic of your home,
  • Wall insulation from the inside or outside,
  • Replacement of outdated heating equipment with more efficient devices,
  • Installation of double windows,
  • Installation of two-flow controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC),
  • Performing a thermal assessment.

Upper limit of acceptable costs for MaPrimeRénov'Upper limit of acceptable costs for MaPrimeRénov'

*Precarite-energie.org table

Works My bonus Decent housing

This bonus is paid for basic works in old houses, such as those relating to the alignment of gas, electricity and water installations. This planned job must cost at least 1,500 euros without tax.

My Decent Housing Bonus funding table My Decent Housing Bonus funding table

*Precarite-energie.org table

The work of MaPrimeAdapt'

The installations covered by this assistance only refer to work on the development of homes for the elderly to enable them to live better at home:

  • Shower with support,
  • grab bar,
  • Access ramps,
  • Increasing the door opening,
  • Stair lifts etc.

Learn more about works authorized by MaPrimeAdapt'

Who can benefit from ANAH energy assistance?

Any assistance from the National Housing Agency (ANAH) imposes specific eligibility conditions, depending on the applicant's income and status, age of the apartment and DPE levels.

For apartment owners

All household incomes are taken into account and must not exceed a certain upper limit of means, applicable to households with medium, modest and very modest incomes.

With the exception of apartments, only apartments classified from A to E can benefit from MaPrimeRénov' for heating systems.

For large-scale works, the restoration must include at least 2 positions that allow at least 2 DPE class breaks. An obligation to use accommodation for a period of 3 years is required.

Amounts to MaPrimeRénov'Amounts to MaPrimeRénov'

MaPrimeRénov' quantities for heating systems according to precarite-energie.org

For landlords

No resource requirements are required, but the lease agreement with ANAH establishes, for a period of 9 years, the following obligations:

  • The rented accommodation must be decent.
  • The rent cannot exceed the maximum rent determined locally by ANAH (based on market rents).
  • Accommodation must be rented as the main residence to households whose income on the day of signing the rental agreement is below certain upper limits of funds.
  • The lessor undertakes to rent for a minimum of 6 years.
  • My bonus for decent housing: 25-35% assistance with a maximum of €28,000 per accommodation, mandatory contract.

For associations of co-owners

ANAH's help for co-owners mainly refers to co-ownerships in difficulties, which are subject to a procedure such as an order (unhygienic conditions, work ban due to danger to the safety of shared equipment) or a court decision.

To receive help:

  • The work must be carried out on a building that is more than 15 years old.
  • The applicant must also undertake to use the accommodation for at least three years after the end of the work.

ANAH assistance can also be granted for carrying out works on building accessibility for people with loss of autonomy or with disabilities.

Please note that the assistance cannot be combined with a zero rate Home Ownership Loan (POL) in the last five years.

MapprimeRénov' sums for co-ownershipMapprimeRénov' sums for co-ownership

*Precarite-energie.org table

The ANAH bonus is awarded to a syndicate of co-owners and benefits all co-owners, users or lessors without resource requirements. However, if co-ownership is not acceptable, it is possible, as a co-owner, user or lessor, to use ANAH's assistance on an individual basis to finance the share of works in the common areas for which he is responsible.

Special grants for the renovation of housing units will be strengthened to reach the target of 80,000 renovated housing units, with criteria adapted to reach small housing units in old centres.

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