When jazz comes to the Bernard Palissy secondary school in Agen

When jazz comes to the Bernard Palissy secondary school in Agen

While studying at Palissy high school in Agen, some students were able to discover jazz from every angle.

The students of the “Music Option and Teaching Specialty” course were pampered, attentive and admiring this Monday, March 11, as they listened to jazz standards performed by inspired and inspiring musicians!

Discovery of the evolution of the jazz language

It was within the framework of a fruitful educational exchange between the Agen Departmental Conservatory (CRDA) and Palissy Secondary School that this magical moment could see the light of day. It was an opportunity for about a hundred high school students and some teachers to get an overview of the activities of CRDA’s jazz department, in the areas of collective instrumental practice, arrangements and music culture. From ballad to swing, from Duke Ellington to Michel Petrucciani, the arrangements displayed a rich and contrasting harmonic and rhythmic structure, reflecting the evolution of the jazz language since the 1920s. A final exchange helped inform the high school students about the diplomas and professional prospects. possible at the end of these different training sessions.

A collaboration that is being renewed

This collaboration between the jazz department of the CRDA and the high school is a link that reveals the valuable ties that continue to exist between two institutions that – for many years – have had several opportunities to jointly carry out concert projects with musicians from the CRDA and the high school choir (and also local colleges). Two upcoming meetings will reshape these partnerships: Wednesday, May 15 around Fauré’s “Requiem” in the Saint Jehanne Church in Passage d’Agen, and May 30 in the large courtyard of the Lot-Departmental Council. Educational project “Choir and scene”.

This synergy is an opportunity for all these young people attracted by music, who will thus have the opportunity to build – among other structures – a complementary technical and musicological artistic culture.

As part of the “open day”, this Saturday, March 16 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., the Bernard Palissy secondary school will have the opportunity to present optional and specialized “Music” education, rare education in the educational landscape. national in Aquitaine and popular with a growing number of passionate students.

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