Why the subsidy for the prestigious 'Ginette' secondary school in Versailles gets people talking

Why the subsidy for the prestigious ‘Ginette’ secondary school in Versailles gets people talking

This is a grant that is difficult to obtain. The amount of almost 949,000 euros was awarded at a private high school Sainte-Geneviève, commonly called “Ginette” because of the renovation of her gymnasium, sparked controversy at Versailles. The outdated sports facilities of the establishment, which are attended by students of the preparatory class, require modernization work. This financial support from the Île-de-France region has provoked criticism from the opposition and certain education unions, who denounce the payment of public funds to a private institution. It must be said that the awarding of this grant comes in a tense context, with elected opposition representatives already heated by the 917,000 euro grant recently awarded to the Stanislas secondary school in Paris, for work to to bring this up to standard, reports The Parisian on February 15.

This is an extremely large subsidy for an establishment. It represents 50% of the total cost of the project. It is a valorization of private heritage with public money.», criticizes Céline Malisé, regional councilor and president of the Communist Left faction, environmentalist and citizen, interviewed by our colleagues. Opposition elected officials highlight the lack of transparency surrounding the allocation of these subsidies, pointing to non-compliance with the financial restrictions imposed by the law governing the public financing of private institutions. The National Union for Secondary Education (Snes) shares this concern and regrets a measure that, according to it, amounts to has “enriching a Catholic religious association with taxpayers’ money».

“1% of the budget for 20% of the students,” justifies the regional majority

Despite the criticism, the regional majority defends its decision by drawing attention to it the low budget share allocated to private institutions compared to public institutionsor “1% of the budget for almost 20% of the students“. And to emphasize that “Operating funds for secondary schools are distributed based on enrollment: almost 80% is allocated to the public and almost 20% to the private sector“. The Ile-de-France daily

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