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Windows 11: File Explorer will completely change thanks to AI. Here’s how

Windows 11 will soon receive a revolutionary feature: the artificial intelligence File Explorer. Available on Microsoft’s first AI PCs, this intelligent tool promises advanced search, understands natural language, and suggests actions based on your screen.

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Microsoft is preparing to launch the first ‘AI PCs’ (PCs with artificial intelligence) with the new Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6. But what does that actually mean? According to the circulating information, we expect extensive integration of AI, which can transform our computers into powerful personal assistants.

And in fact, Windows 11 will have a revolutionary feature: AI file explorer. This new feature, announced for the next Windows update in 2024, promises to change how we interact with our PCs. We’re talking about a major breakthrough here, not just an interface overhaul or a marginal performance improvement.

AI File Explorer, the future file explorer of Windows 11

The AI ​​File Explorer could be more than just a file explorer understand complex questions formulated in natural language, but also remember everything you do (such as ChatGPT or Gemini). This works across all apps and allows users to search for previously opened conversations, documents, web pages, and images.

For example, the AI ​​Explorer can understand the context or propose tasks depending on what’s on the screen. For example, when you view an image in an app, an edit button will automatically appear that lets you enter your criteria, such as “remove the background from this image using the Photos app.”

The Surface Pro 9
The Surface Pro 9

But be careful: this little technological wonder raises legitimate questions about privacy. Are we really ready for our computer to remember every click, every search, every file opened? Microsoft is playing big On this, we’re betting that the benefits will outweigh the potential reluctance.

Whether this will be enough to convince users to make the leap to a new PC is another story. The announcement states that these AI capabilities will not be not immediately available on new devices and will likely require specific hardware. In other words, even if you fall for a Surface Pro 10 when it comes out, you’ll still have to wait a while before you can chat with your File Explorer.

Source: Windows Central

  • Microsoft’s upcoming AI PCs will feature a revolutionary AI File Explorer with advanced search and natural language understanding.
  • This intelligent tool anticipates your needs, suggests actions and provides relevant results even for vague questions.
  • This will happen later in 2024 with the release of these new PCs.

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